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Many people find that after a life crisis, they want to pay it forward or honor loved ones lost by advocating for positive change and helping others. In turn, it heals some of their mental, emotional and even physical wellbeing.
The Back2Health show is all about helping you to find your own health solutions. By interviewing inspiring people who have healed their own so-called incurable health conditions, Fiona finds out what it is that they have done to get well. She also interviews health experts who are supporting others to heal. The Back2Health Show provides the perfect antidote for pessimism and false-hopelessness that we are often left with after our doctor announces that we have an incurable disease! As a two-time recoverer from "incurable" cancer, Fiona firmly believes that there is no such thing as an incurable disease.

What’s your success holdback? What favoured excuse do you justify for your shortfalls to your business and personal life success?

Im Paul Rees your international executive business and personal career coach, and welcome to your series of think tank investment radio shows that will change how you think your productive future and manage the natural unlimited possibilities to your business and personal life success for ever.

This is no gimmick or another universal attracting exercise. My listening coaching programmes will introduce to you a new power clean thinking process never realised or expected within your potential ever!

Each think tank investment radio show will explore and help you realise how your day to day organic emotional influences chatter into your productive thought process and promote your profit depleting doubts, that then in turn sabotage your talent to profit ratio within your business and personal aspirational goals. Be clear here, your emotions influence every thought, action and decision you make in your corporate day, and there is no hiding from this natural process. You will learn how it is your natural inherited emotional triggers and traits from your personal life direct the success of your corporate and career life positively or negatively and re-affirm a new power clean thinking process to success forever.

Let’s remember always “Emotions are your value and value is your business!!”

“You or someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer…” A cancer diagnosis changes everything for the patient and their family. On Cancer SOS, we discuss all topics related to any type of cancer. Guests include oncologists, cancer support organizations and survivors.
Many diseases affect the life of more than the patient alone. As more illnesses require complex and long-term treatments, the caregiver is the referee, pharmacist, medical assistant, and moral support for the patient–all without any formal training or enough sleep! A group of seven expert guests provide invaluable advice for caregivers.
Children's Sleep ~ Naturally is not a normal sleep resource. We don't look at how to fix a child's sleep issue, we look at how to understand exactly what is happening for the child from a holistic point of view. By sharing knowledge and understanding of what your child's sleep triggers are, along with gentle techniques and resources from a range of guests, you will have the knowledge to gently guide your child to better sleep ~ naturally.
Amanda Nelson, the Easy Detox Expert, is on a mission to show you that that you CAN detox, lose weight, feel great, achieve optimum health, have happier relationships, become more abundant and improve your life in the EASIEST possible way!
The Freedom Lifestyle show is for you if...
  • You are ready to embrace change in your life but could do with a little help.
  • You are ready to start a business but are frightened to take the leap.
  • You know you are capable of greater things in life, but you feel there is something holding you back.
  • You need to re-energise and grow your business.
  • You need to reinvent yourself and strike out in a new new direction.
  • You have realised that you are attracting the wrong people in to your life and they're making you unhappy.
  • You have realised that if you keep on doing what you are doing, you will keep on earning what you are earning - and it's not enough!
  • You have realised there's more to life than the 9-5 grind and that you want to live a FREEDOM LIFESTYLE but you just don't know where to start.
Good news, If you are truly ready to take action, achieve your full potential and live a FREEDOM LIFESTYLE, then you've come to the right place. This show is for you!
Gurds is an acclaimed health journalist, speaker, author and spiritual health teacher, inspiring people all over the world about life, inspiration and personal growth. Her guests are professionals and everyday people that have transformed their lives around in health, wealth, mindset and spirituality. Her mission is to empower others to lead a happier, healthier and inspired life.
Now that the Caregiving journey has ended, the “Healing Ties” has begun! Join Chris MacLellan, ‘The Bow Tie Guy’ for compelling conversations with special guest from across the country on “Healing Ties” The theme of the show is how we create “Healing Ties” in our life and in our community. On “Healing Ties” we focus on the four pillars in life; Our Emotional, Physical, Spiritual and Financial health and how we create good health, happiness and prosperity around us. Join Chris as he ties together four important components of life into one big and beautiful bow tie to create “Healing Ties” all around us!
How can you find your way through the maze of health information and understand which foods are really good for you and which supplements you actually need? Would you like to know the true causes of illness and discover how people have recovered, even when told it was impossible?
Health Matters is a show that will help to inform the listeners of the daily food we eat that we think is ok and is actually harmful to our bodies. Simple ideas on how to change bad eating habits and also a strong focus on bringing children up in a healthy way that will help the children become informed adults and making wise choices when it comes to their health. The show will also cover some every day supplementation and understand what each supplement is used for.

Atiq Ahmad Bhatti is a 4th generation registered Homeopathic Practitioner and a Fellow of the British Institute of Homeopathy and member of the NHS Directory.

With his myriad of over 20 years of experience in Homeopathy, Biochemic Salts, applied Homotoxicology and Spagyric Remedies, Atiq will regularly share with you key Homeopathic remedies that will prove beneficial for everyday ailments and conditions through his Homeopathic Solutions series.

He will also share methods on utilising the power of healing found in Homeopathy that may help you on your journey to enjoying a healthy life.

Atiq’s motto: Your Health, Your Family, Your Life.

Do you know what health means to you ? Do you know why you do what you do health wise ? iamYiam has built a philosophy and a company around the idea of combining modern science and ancient natural health therapies to optimise your health routine around your goals and to personalise it to your genetics . Health should be and can be simpler - therefore we’ve set our goal to enhance your health & wellbeing in the most simple & effective way . Join us every week to find out what does science say about various natural health therapies and their relevant health benefits and how does genetics help you to enhance your health . We are having our scientists and natural health experts share with you their research and experience and recommend clear actionable steps for your various health goals.
The show is dedicated to exploring all areas of natural health, consciousness, plant medicines and many other topics for the Mind, Body and Soul. Each week I will have a new guest who will be an expert in their chosen field, such as doctors and professors, or maybe everyday people that have healed themselves naturally of a dis-ease. The show will be action packed only with the best guests. My aim is to deliver information on a wide range of topics in such a way that everyone can understand, even if its a new topic that might not of been explored before. I want the listeners to be inspired and to learn the latest information on as many topics as possible, so we’ll bring top quality guests on the show to share their knowledge every week. I was diagnosed with arthritis in my spine after being in constant, crippling pain 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I made a complete recovery naturally. Ethos I want to show that anyone can make a change, most my guests have gone through intense challenges in life, but come out the other side. If you want some motivation or inspiration, the latest in alternative health or even great tips to begin leading a healthier, longer life with more vitality or to expand your consciousness then tune into Knowledge Nation..
“Ladies Who Inspire” is an amazing show with and about ladies who took life’s adversities and turned them into helping others in a variety of charitable ways.
Listen to LadyXsize Fitness Hour, a weekly show from a leading fitness expert and instructor who wants to inspire and motivate listeners to be more active. Join the host and a variety of medical experts, authors, celebrities, athletes as they cover all topics relating to fitness including workouts, different sports and games, latest gadgets, fashion and what’s true and what’s too good to be true!. LadyXsize Fitness Hour will bring ideas, tips and advice and show that physical activity can be fun!
This is where you the listener can vote for a specific show of your choice, to be repeated on the weekend, simply by clicking here and sending a email with the show and/or presenters name. We look forward to receiving your email vote and reloading the show you want to hear. Your UK Health Radio Team
Having spent years working out natural ways to stay healthy, fit and mostly sane whilst being a single mother to 3 children and an entrepreneur she became fascinated by other peoples’ health choices. Particularly people who are busy, stressed, successful people.
Life Mastery Coach Leaha Mattinson teams up with writer and presenter Dr. Howard Rankin to provide inspiration, intelligence and insight that will help you Master Your Life. Everyone has challenges on their journey and Leaha and Howard are no exception. However, they combine their personal experiences with expertise and knowledge to provide powerful tools to help listeners regain control of their lives. They also bring a vast array of inspirational and insightful guests who add wisdom and practical advice if you need direction in any area of your life, this entertaining and empowering show is for you!
UK Health Radio Medical News Update is your finger on the pulse of health news from around the world. On the hour every hour, all the health news that matters is presented by Amanda Thomas (UK Health Radio’s news editor) and, with a unique take on the medical stories that matter most to children, our youngest reporter, Gracie Timms.
The Natural Healing show invites listeners to discover the world of natural living and healing shared by the knowledge of different therapists, yogis, healers, professionals, teachers & indigenous cultures from around the world. Exploring various therapies, indigenous wisdom, organic living, herbal medicine, nutrition, holistic practices, life-style advice, global consciousness, positive affirmations and physical & mental health care. Although ‘Natural Healing’ methods are today viewed as “Alternative” they have indeed been around for thousands of years and have been used by many different cultures around the world. Indigenous cultures living in natural environments are perceived as the ‘guardians’ of the worlds last remaining natural ecosystems. They carry immense knowledge and have spent centuries adopting valuable education on environment, plant healing, sustainability & biodiversity, which has been passed down through word of mouth to younger generations by their ancestors. Yara will be exploring indigenous cultural wisdom of natural healing, ecosystems & sustainable living from around the world. The Natural Healing Show is a platform to get voices heard and to help bridge the gap between western technology & indigenous knowledge.
Tune in and listen to Health Today Radio, a show hosted by Dominic Arkwright for the NHS choices. Each week, Dominic chats with experts and celebrities about various health and lifestyle topics. He’ll listen to personal stories of individuals dealing with a condition they, or a family member or friend, have. Don't miss the regular feature about the unsung heroes of the NHS and many practical lifestyle tips. The views expressed in the programmes are the individuals' own opinions and do not necessarily reflect the views or official policies of the Department of Health or NHS Choices. NHS Choices - Health Today Radio is intended for use only by people who live in England. References to ‘the NHS’ mean ‘the NHS in England’ unless otherwise stated. Service descriptions, entitlements and costs refer to services in England and arrangements may differ elsewhere in the UK.
In our celebrated and now simulcast series, our international panel of natural health experts shares with you the true causes of dis-ease, man’s problems and how they are inexorably intertwined.
Dr. Ken West, a recognized leader in performance science. At Oxford, Dr. West developed the Performance Pyramid, a model for balanced and accelerated development of athletic performance. This show not only focuses on technical skill and tactical decision making but also the management and personal support systems required for sustainable world class achievement.
Robert empowers his listeners with healing principles that can aid in physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, economic and, yes, even political healing! Two hours of healing information on radio, dealing with everyday health issues from the perspective of holistic health care. He tackles the tough issues and shows no fear when confronting government and corporate bullies who would stand in the way of health freedom.
Janey has made it her life’s passion to source, seek, test and recommend the best natural eco and organic products and services in the market place. She is known to over 7 million listeners via BBC Radio 2, and she has been voted the No 1 personality in the 2013 Natural Beauty Yearbook. Janey writes columns for many magazines recommending natural products, and services. In addition, she produces a range of health and wellness radio programmes for UK Health Radio and writes articles for Health Triangle Magazine.

People always wonder where show names come from and what the meaning is behind it.

Well, I live with various health conditions and ultimately this is a health based radio show. I am from the UK and my friends call me Kay with lots of sunshine.... so here is.... Sunshine UKay Health Show .

Overcoming my many challenges proves to both others and myself that while I may have NF1, NF1 does not have me. I do not know what lies ahead of me in terms of my condition, but I do know that I'll always make the most of what life gives me. No one tells you life will be easy, but we can all make the best of what we do have. Supporting others with NF1 and Scoliosis has become a big part of my life and equally, I have been supported by many people I have met on my journey so far. People with NF1 tell me they feel isolated, but we do not have to allow this to happen. You are not

alone and we can help each other. I have made a bucket list of things I want to do in my life.

I would love for as many people reading this to get involved with my new show as its important to me and the audience for other journey and stories to be told and shared. I love hearing about everything and everyone has a story to tell.

Supporting infant sleep with care is not your normal sleep resource. We won’t be giving you another opinion or telling you what you should be doing with your family; you hear enough of these already!

We will be sharing advice, knowledge and guidance based around realistic sleep expectations, sleep science and bedtime biology to give you the tools to support your child’s sleep so that it is sustainable for your whole family. You really don’t have to cry it out, you can care it out.

In the U.S. alone, 440,000 men, women and children die each year from preventable medical errors. It’s the third leading cause of death behind heart disease and cancer. Many unreported casualties are labeled under a different cause of death. Patients who survive errors often have to live with a dangerous hospital-acquired infection or other serious health issues for the rest of their lives. Chris Jerry has dedicated the years since his daughter’s tragic death to facilitating solutions for these issues through every level of medical care. His new radio program…Surviving Healthcare Today...will help everyone be a part of the solution instead of being wrapped up in—or even sideswiped by—the issues. What resources do you have to keep you or a loved one safe if you were thrown into the world of healthcare today? Have you ever felt intimidated when you asked your doctor a simple question? Picked up the wrong medication for the right prescription? A doctor and his or her nurse are no longer all that is needed for a patient to survive. Doctors—even specialists—have as little as 3-5 minutes with patients; nurses can have 20 in-patients assigned to their care; complex, chronic diseases require complicated long-term treatments. Family members and caregivers who have never been trained often find themselves holding up caution signs that day: “Danger ahead!” Thankfully, the solutions are often simple (such as asking a nurse if they washed their hands before examining your sutures), and a little organization goes a long way. Join Chris every Tuesday at Midnight, Wednesday at 4am, Thursday at 8am, Friday at 12 Noon, Saturday at 4pm and Sunday at 9pm on UK Health Radio or on our “Listen on Demand” section.
The Digestion Detective Show is not just a show for those with badly behaved bowels, although that’s exactly what Sam loves to talk about, it also covers all aspects of health and wellbeing to. Each week the show brings you a different topic, whether that is an expert interview, product review, targeting a specific health problem complete with solutions and guidance or answering the topics raised in the press or by other listeners.

The Food Teacher will focus on the importance of food to improve health and wellbeing by raising topical and relevant issues with leading experts from both the UK and abroad. From gluten intolerances, allergies, autism, hormones and autoimmunity, the power of food as medicine will be explored and debated. 

If you have an interest in a particular topic or comments about the show please email:

Intro music to The Food Teacher ‘Electric Sky’ generously provided by keen producer of electronic music and sax and piano player Michael Keefe (age 14). Additional music by Michael can be found at:

Maureen Sullivan has worked for many years as a Registered Nurse, most of them in emergency and trauma services. She is a Certified Emergency Nurse, Certified Diabetes Educator, and the former manager of a hospital stroke program. Maureen’s wealth of knowledge, passion for nursing and education, and ability to engage people makes her an excellent teacher and a captivating lecturer. Recently, Maureen has been concentrating on writing, speaking and teaching, as well as working on her award-winning weekly podcast, “The Health and Humor Show.”

My Show will endeavor to provide the latest information to:

  • Prevent Dental Disease [Tooth Decay and Gum Disease] from Conception to Old Age.
  • Many diseases in the body can originate in the Mouth. -- Healthy Mouth - Healthy Body and visa versa. Advice and Guidance
  • What's new in Dentistry?
  • 'Tip of the Show'

Calling all human beings who can relate. We are busy bees, we are happy, we are sad, we are lonely, we are in community. We are all mutli-faceted. Join me, Russell James of The Raw Chef and hear about life and whole living from the perspective on what we put into our bodies (food, media, chronic thought, friends/family/girlfriends/boyfriends/husbands/wives) makes up who we are. We get to choose. I continue to learn this and am excited to share my expertise of whole foods and my journey into healthy, whole-self living.

The objective of the show is to inform and entertain listeners on topics of musculoskeletal health. These are wide ranging and we talk about everything from running and injuries to aches and pains caused or exacerbated by different professions or trades. Listeners will be encouraged to think how they might move well, sit well and ultimately feel well.

If you have a topic that you would like to be discussed or would like to be involved with a show please do send me a message on

Transformation Guru & Spirit Communicator Jane Dawson connects with your soul energy and Spirit Helpers to bring healing, abundance and happiness to your life. She also incorporates some cutting edge scientific techniques into her transformative work, providing the best of both worlds.
In each show John has guests that will share their knowledge on all aspects of travel, not just the destinations but how to hire a car, get good travel insurance or to use the internet to get a great deal. The John Guinn Travel Show on UK Health Radio, checking it out before you check in!
A radio show that looks to reach out to sufferers of Stroke to show that there are all sorts of help available . The show will have special guests who all do things to help those who have had a stroke. They will be Health, Beauty Fitness and Life style and some will be very different. The show will provide info and if necessary help directly. It will be an upbeat hour looking at the positive side of things - remember the presenter has had a stroke and is severely handicapped himself

Guests and listeners alike love Talk Show Host Neil Haley’s energetic style! You can listen to his entertaining and informative interviews on radio stations seven days-a-week, every week, as well as terrestrial markets around the globe and a new show six times week on UK Health Radio.

Possessing the uncanny ability to make his guests relax and enjoy a good conversation, Neil introduces his audience to well-known authors, budding authors, celebrities, famous athletes, US Congressmen, TV reality show stars, movie stars, musicians, Olympic athletes, psychologists, psychiatrists, distinguished educators, and many more.

Every week, approximately two million listeners tune into The Total Radio Network in more than 180 countries.

Cancer treatment decisions are absolutely critical, and often require input from the patient. Should the patient consider a clinical trial? What are some questions you should ask about treatment? What is the latest and greatest research?
UK Health Radio’s country music show presenter Lee Williams, whose day-job is as CEO and owner of CMR Nashville country music radio, was presented with the prestigious ‘International Country Music Broadcaster of the Year Award’ by the CMA (Country Music Association), Nashville.

Unlock Your Health


Hosted by Dr. Vijay Murthy ~ a cutting-edge functional medicine and Ayurveda expert.

Unlock Your Health is an iconic, life-changing show

In this new and fascinating series Unlock Your Health, Dr Vijay Murthy will be interviewing health experts with vast experience from a variety of health modalities. He also gives voice to those who have successfully healed themselves of serious illnesses. Dr. Vijay Murthy helps his listeners to understand their own health challenges and explore possible solutions by bringing together science, medical expertise and wisdom traditions. The listener will be walking away with thoughts, ideas and inspiration to make life-changing choices to support their journey to health and wellbeing.

I have been a veterinary surgeon for more than 30 years, a homeopath for 20 years, and have more than 25 years direct personal experience of many complementary therapies and personal development programmes. As such, I have an in-depth medical knowledge of the nature of many diseases; a unique understanding of health and healing from a truly holistic perspective, and a great deal of experience successfully treating a wide range of conditions in both animals and people. It is the often remarkable improvements in health and quality of life that I've seen over the years following holistic and homeopathic treatment - in my own life as well as those of family members, friends, patients and pets - that continually inspires me to share what I know, and help others where I can, using a holistic approach to health. Twelve months ago this led to the launch of the unique, integrated range of clinically proven Vince The Vet® natural nutritional therapy products, which consistently promote health in specific areas of pets lives. This was followed by the recent launch of our pure, natural, additive-free RAW meat and bone food for dogs and cats, so that we now provide a complete holistic health care solution for pets. In addition to this, I also continue to see pets and people for homeopathic treatment on an individual basis - usually when all else has failed. Our shows on UK Health Radio will explore a wide range of health topics which reflect the current concerns of pet owners.
The Yes to Life Show is all about cancer. As we rapidly approach the point where half of us will get cancer, there are some pretty stark questions facing us that the show attempts to throw light on:

  • What are we doing wrong?
  • Why has the colossal investment in research produced so few answers?
  • What are we missing?
  • And crucially to all the above – What is cancer?
In pursuing these questions, Robin Daly talks to a fascinating mix of scientists, oncologists, practitioners and extraordinary survivors who have exceeded all expectations by thinking outside of ‘the box’. Questions are asked about that box, what its assumptions are, what is in there and why, and what the strengths and weaknesses of ‘in the box’ approaches are. The show also casts a wide net outside ‘the box’, looking at any approaches that could be of benefit to those with cancer. And the question of the merits of Integrative Medicine, a judicious combination of all potentially useful  approaches that dispenses with the box altogether in the interests of the patient, features prominently.
Intro music to the Yes to Life Show generously provided by composer and guitarist Clive Carroll:                                                    ‘Black Nile’ from the album ‘The Red Guitar’ by Clive Carroll CCO11104
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