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Dr. Frank King


Shows: Dr. King’s The Healing Revolution Show

Dr. Frank King is a doctor of naturopathy and chiropractic with 40-plus years of experience in natural health care. Dedicated to educating and empowering everyone with safe, natural healing tools and techniques, Dr. King is a nationally recognized healer, researcher, homeopath, speaker and the author of The Healing Revolution.

After helping hundreds of thousands of patients with his innovative, advanced, contemporary homeopathic formulas during his clinical practice, Dr. King founded King Bio, an FDA-registered natural pharmaceutical manufacturer. Established in 1989, King Bio now manufactures and distributes nationally and internationally more than 500 of Dr. King’s safe, natural formulas for people and pets. A popular and entertaining speaker, Dr. King shares a wealth of knowledge, insight, and practical healing techniques, along with healthy doses of humor and inspiration.


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