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Dr. Samanta Nagpal


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Dr Nagpal is a consultant psychiatrist currently working in the NHS. Graduating as a doctor from Imperial College, London, Dr Nagpal started her training in psychiatry in New Zealand, and then relocated back to London where she continued her training mainly in South London, on the Guys, Kings and St. Thomas’s hospital training scheme and then the St George’s training Scheme. Dr Nagpal has worked as a consultant for a number of years both in London and the north west of England. She has experience of a range of specialities within psychiatry and has worked in various departments including the community, on inpatient wards, psychiatric intensive care units, early intervention services, old age and child psychiatry, addictions, forensic, eating disorders plus others. She has also worked in Ghana in a psychiatric hospital, in order to train mental health professionals and also help set up mental health services.

Dr Nagpal also has a keen interest in holistic and alternative therapies and especially the role they can play in treating mental health conditions. She has trained in a form of energy healing, and regularly practices meditation and yoga.

Email: samnagpal375@gmail.com

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