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Lauren Rosenberg


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My name is Lauren Rosenberg, I am passionate to clear people and children’s fears in order for them to create the life they deserve. In the past they have tried seeing their GP, they have tried strong medication, seen consultants and other health professionals but haven’t been able to get the results they want. My clients have received amazing results in reducing their fears and I have helped many others eliminate their fear.
I am an International Fear and Phobia Relief Expert, Energy psychology practitioner, modern stress management coach, Reiki master and practitioner, qualified holistic therapist, mindset expert, trainer and energist who lives in London.
Born in France, I studied History and History of Art at the University of Strasbourg. In 1991 I came to the UK to improve my English with a view to working at the European Parliament on my return to France. However, I liked it so much I stayed, then met my husband Stuart and had five wonderful girls.
I began training as a holistic therapist in 2011 and now I use my many skills to help people overcome fear/phobia/stress/anxiety so they can move forward to lead more fulfilling lives.

I use a range of techniques, including Modern Energy Techniques, Theta Healing, Reiki, Colour Therapy, Positive Mindset and Integral Eye Movement Therapy. I have created my own unique therapy formula so I can provide more support and positive outcomes to both adults and children. I discovered Essential Oil Therapy after Liora, my oldest daughter passed away but it helped my whole family. So, if you’d like to know more, you can go to www.mydoterra.com/laurenrosenberg/#/

I felt compelled to write my book “How to move forward when the unthinkable happens” so I could share my story following the sudden passing of my eldest daughter, Liora.

I also share my knowledge and key messages through speaking engagements, online programmes, group work and one-to-one work.

I believe:
‘Energy is mystical and magical’

You can contact me to find out more about my work and the services I offer:
skype: fearbusters100

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