The Chi Time Collective: Your Energy Matters

The Chi Time Collective with Clara Apollo explores natural energy topics that give you a window in to ways that help you increase vitality and decrease stress. Managing personal energy at these challenging times is key to your success, whatever that means to you. The shows founder and producer Clara, is an ex-nurse and personal energy consultant with over 25 years experience in Qigong, energy cultivation. Her passion is to tune you into your Qi, Chi, life-force energy in simple and sustainable ways. She invites in a range of conversations with guests, adept in the personal energy arena, sharing their stories, wisdom and insights into what helps them and their clients to thrive at these challenging times. These wisdom keepers and influencers share short processes and practices to help you uncover how working with your natural energy can really support and underpin everything you do. Each week, the show delves into a different area of Chi that is relevant to how we live in the world today. Clara offers her unique Elemental Qigong perspective to encourage you to radically de-stress, reclaim your space and cultivate your natural vitality. As our world continues to shift at a rapid rate, this show has evolved to accommodate a broader discussion on how and why managing your energy matters in everything you do. Listen to the show at your chosen time here ‘on demand’ on UK Health Radio and streaming on most podcast platforms. See more from Clara here:

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