OneQi Radio is inspired by conversations about the Qi-energy behind all things and the qigong practice that nurtures life-force energy. The show invites great discussions with inspiring qigong teachers, practitioners and energy workers who share insights into how qigong and authentic energy practices have transformed their lives and the lives of the people they come into contact with. 
OneQi is also a community of qigong teachers you can find at   Qigong is a moving meditation practice that cultivates our internal energy that originated in China thousands of years ago. First introduced to the West in the 1970’s, it’s many different styles, each with their own frameworks and benefits, attract a wide range of people from athletes to the infirm.   OneQi Radio is about creating the space to listen, tune in and authentically respond. Here we appreciate the differences and similarities of the varying approaches to qigong and energy work, so that we can share transformative practices to make relevant and accessible sense to you, the listener.   Qigong can help you with a wide range of conditions including; hypertension and stress, balance and circulation, anxiety and depression, insomnia, it can also increase bone density and strengthen muscles, increase immunity and reduce inflammation. With it’s shared origins, qigong can also enhance your experience of other modalities like yoga, tai chi, mindfulness and reiki.   Listen in to hear what could be the next pearl of energy-wisdom for you.

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