The Foot Health Show

Podiatrist Peter Allton (Clinical director of the award winning Circle Podiatry) has over 30 years experience treating over ¼ million foot and leg complaints. He has a passion for raising awareness of all aspects of foot health. Lets face it your feet are probably the least cared for part of your body and yet they are destined to carry you 5 times around the world in your lifetime. Whether you expect them to run marathons, walk through the countryside or along the beach, score goals for your country, dance the night away or simply get you round to the corner shop, you rely on our feet to do what you ask of them. The problem is that all too often at some point in life they let you down. The foot health show exists to raise your awareness of just how important your feet are, to give you the solutions to your foot and leg problems and to teach you how to prevent future issues. We aim to enable you to keep active doing the things you enjoy with those you love for many years to come.

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