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When you are making a medical negligence claim, it is important to recognise that you are at the start of a long process. What will no doubt have felt like a lifetime to you already is going to go on for a while longer yet, but the big difference is that you will be in […]


3 Treatments & Methods To Help You Treat Your Acne Scars

Bad acne can leave behind scars, both emotional and physical. Still, there’s hope for people wishing to overcome these challenges. After all, even something as simple as a skincare regime has changed people’s lives in these circumstances. While things aren’t always that easy, it’s important to be as upbeat and proactive as possible when treating […]


5 tips for staying healthy at university!

Starting university is an exciting time for both new and returning students. However, staying safe and healthy are factors often neglected and lost amongst the excitement. With this in mind, health experts at FROM MARS have shared their 5 tips for staying safe and healthy at university.   5 tips for staying healthy at university! […]


What Illnesses are caused by a Genetic Disorder

          Your DNA is the string of molecules used to carry your genetic information. Therefore, your DNA is responsible for determining your eye colour, your height, and even your natural human abilities. Unfortunately, a break or disturbance in this genetic code can cause certain illnesses to develop. These are known as […]


How To Promote Independence In Care Homes

Maintaining the independence of residents in care homes is essential to their wellbeing. You have people living in your care home for a variety of reasons, such as needing some assis-tance as a result of physical disabilities or general old age. Re-gardless of the reason, promoting independence can help them lead a healthy and enlivening […]

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