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Marching into Wellness: Unveiling Issue 124 of Health Triangle Magazine!


Featured Topics:
  • Health Focus: Bell’s Palsy
  • Self Care: Three Wise Ways to Express Genuine Love by Danielle Sax
  • Celebrating Life-Savers: World Blood Donor Day
  • Cast YOUR vote today: The UKHR Health Awards are Back!
  • Brown’s Gas vs pure Hydrogen for Health
  • Managing Workplace Stressors by Doctor Julia Lyons
  • Breaking News: AstraZeneca withdraws its Covid vaccine worldwide
  • Food Delights in Jun – Recipes to savour this summer
  • Navigating Health Challenges at Work – The Importance of Being Prepared
  • Keep the ritual this summer by Janey Lee Grace
  • Ageing is a choice – Part 16: Six Practices for Better Ageing by Robert Manni
  • Medical Marvel Moments, Weird & Wonderful Facts by Amanda Thomas
  • Standup Paddle-boarding: Discover Its Rich History, Essential Gear, Top Destinations, and Comprehensive Fitness Benefits
  • Fostering Connections: Enhancing Mental Health and Combating Loneliness Through Community Engagement
  • Addiction: AA Step by Step – “If you walk 10 miles into the woods, you have to walk 10 miles out again” by Louise F
  • Prevotella bacteria by ScreenMe
  • Dear Gaia, our Earth by Jarvis Smith
  • Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM): Half of UK experiencing decline in mental health due to cost of living
  • Empower Yourselfe by Prof. Dr. Anabel Ternès
  • Enhancing Workplace Wellness: Essential Tips for Health and Safety Compliance
  • Let’s talk about blocks! by Niki Cassar
  • A Gardener’s Diary for June: Weekly Tasks and Tips
  • Vitamins & Minerals – Your Essential Guide From A-Z
  • Recognising the Male Caregiver this Father’s Day by JJ Elliott
  • Poetry Corner: Hadrian’s Wall by Daljit Nagra
  • Decoding Holistic Beauty: The Importance of Transparency in Holistic Beauty Products by Janey Lee Grace
  • Psychotherapist Reflects on the Reasons Behind the UK Mental Health Crisis
  • The Predictive Brain and Habit Change by Dr Howard Renkin
  • Talk Thyroid: You’re Not Alone: A Personal Story by Natalie Guy
  • Yes to Life – Robin Daly’s recent guests on the Yes to Life Show
  • TV & Movie Reviews
  • Programme Schedule


Celebrating Summer!
Welcome to 100 pages that celebrate Summer – starting with delicious recipes, gardening guidance and all sorts of bright ideas, each presented with honesty and enthusiasm.

Here is joie de vivre in Summer abundance, with endless sunshine, of course – but with associated shadows, too.
Celebrate by recognising excellence and voting in UK Health Radio’s new Health Awards.
Celebrate with contemporary poetry by Daljit Nagra.
Celebrate with alcohol-free rituals reinvented by Janey Lee Grace.
Escape on screen with Dumb Money or smart lawyers in Suits.
Consider the wisdom of D. Sax ( Danielle to her friends) who writes about Love.
“Keep your I-love-you’s up to date” was the best advice I took from a Stress Management event, years ago.
Stress is distress. It is a universal shadow – but it is manageable. Dr Julia Lyons tells you how.
Niki Cassar shares her experience of dismantling mental blocks.
Robert Manni adds to his optimistic narrative where age is just a number.
Not to mention other pieces on Blood, Teeth and Paddle-boarding.
Who could ask for more this lovely Summer?

Reg Starkey / Editor


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