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Jenni Russell


Shows: Her Health and Happiness

Jenni Russell is The Hot Body Coach who specialises in helping Women to achieve optimum health and fitness throughout their lives and well into – and beyond their menopausal years! You only have to look at her to see that she practises what she preaches – believe it or not, Jenni is a woman in her fifties!!

Jenni’s career and expertise spans over 37 years with her having won the British Ultrafit Championship three times (1995, 1998 and 2000), and crowned Britain’s Fittest Woman. She is also the record holder in the event.  Coupled with her passion for helping Women to discover and strengthen their pelvic floor muscles which not only improve continence and increased sexual satisfaction, but enhance body shape, posture, gait and movement; Jenni is perfectly placed to ensure that your health, your wellbeing and your fitness is given a holistic makeover.

As you can imagine, Jenni attracts plenty of media attention and has worked with many celebrities and also appeared on the This Morning TV Show to demonstrate her expertise. Along with running a Private Health Clinic in London’s Harley Street, Jenni has also published two books – Can a Vagina Really Buy a Mercedes and Pelvic Floor Secrets and speaks extensively on many health and fitness issues. You can tell that Jenni is no couch potato nor does she shy away from the controversial, even carrying her own “scaled” pelvic floor model to demonstrate how the muscles work!

Jenni is a natural born Entrepreneur, creating bespoke programmes for her clients, working alongside GP’s and Health Professionals to provide guidance and support to their patients, (her work has even been published at the International Conference Society (ICS) Conference in Florence in 2017) and producing her own line of faith based clothing!

She is a mother, author, business owner, motivational public speaker, Christian and faith based clothes designer. Jenni’s faith, expertise, authenticity and ‘can do’ attitude and personality make your own ‘Hot Body’ and pelvic floor happiness a reality!


Work address: 1 Harley St, London W1G 9QD
Telephone: 02072914499
Email: info@pelvicfloorsecrets.com

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