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Geeta Sidhu-Robb


Shows: Activate Yourself

Geeta Sidhu-Robb spends her life talking about health and wellness as CEO of Nosh Detox.
Although a corporate lawyer, she started working with health as a way to help heal her son from asthma, eczema and the constant threat of anaphylaxis from multiple food allergies. What she hadn’t realised was that all that healing knowledge would actually make her better too! So she set up multi-award winning Nosh Detox and offered that knowledge to others.

Having spent years working out natural ways to stay healthy, fit and mostly sane whilst being a single mother to 3 children and an entrepreneur she became fascinated by how unexpected events shape and move peoples lives to endings that they NEVER expected. Theres a saying ‘if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plan’. And this is no where more evident than in peoples lives.
The breaking up of well-laid plans makes people get Activated and forces them to find their superpower when they have to change their lives.
Like it did for Geeta.

That this happens so often is fascinating and enables Geeta to interview funny, interesting and successful guests and quiz them about their life choices and how differently their lives actually panned out than expected. And what it takes from them to make it work.
Resilience in Action.

Since she particularly hates talking to herself, over 95% of the show is guest and health expert based. However from time to time, she does do shows where she talks about juice fasting, detoxing, nutrients, confidence, power and other topics close to her heart.



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