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Steve Roest


Shows: HealthTech Hour

Since starting his career on Omnicom’s fast-track management training scheme, Steve has worked exclusively in the high-impact tech industry across the world, is a multiple Innovate UK grant award winner, a member of the UK Research and Innovation Future Leaders review board and a commercial mentor to other CEOs and founders through his “Sales for Founders” courses.

Steve is founder and CEO of PocDoc, a venture-backed HealthTech startup with the vision of allowing anyone with a smartphone or tablet to test themselves for a range of major diseases and conditions via a fingerprick, receive a full health assessment and then be offered solutions to address any health-related issues that arise – all within the PocDoc app, all within minutes of taking the test. Primarily focused on Cardiovascular Disease and Type 2 Diabetes, most recently, the company adapted its services to launch a £10, 10-minute rapid COVID-19 testing service, combined with the PocDoc app to facilitate data capture and has scaled this across the UK.

Backed by the NHS Digital Accelerator as “HealthTech set to transform the NHS,” Steve is uniquely placed to be able to bring together the founders, leaders, clinicians and investors who are driving the HealthTech revolution on his show, HealthTech Hour.

Follow the latest on PocDoc and its parent company, Vital Signs Solutions.

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