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Raphaela Reeb


Shows: Stoma4Life

Stoma4Life, the Bowel Cancer Awareness and Life as a Ostomate, radio show is hosted by Raphaela. She was lucky to indulge her love of travel, with thirty years working as an airline purser for one of the biggest airlines. This allowed her to visit and explore many exotic and fascinating places around the world. She had just taken early retirement to concentrate on her original career as a graphic designer and illustrator, when her personal Tsunami hit.

After being misdiagnosed and not accepting the obvious changes to her body, she was finally diagnosed with Stage 3 Bowel Cancer. After life changing surgery she is now LIVING a normal life with an Ostomy. She has made it her mission to raise Bowel Cancer Awareness and get everyone to Check Their Poo!! AND to listen to their inner voice.

She firmly believes that without listening to hers, she would not be here to tell her story. She aims to debunk myths, clear up misconceptions and help you approach the subject that so many people are afraid to talk about, in a positive manner. Listen in for a new perspective.

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