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Prof. Dr. Anabel Ternès von Hattburg


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Prof. Dr. Anabel Ternès von Hattburg is a futurist, keynote speaker, author, and founder of sustainable start-ups. As the CEO of Sustain Plus, she serves as the managing director of the Berlin-based SRH Institute for Sustainability Management and holds the position of professor of communication management. With extensive international leadership experience in business development, she has contributed to companies such as Samsonite, Triumph, and Fielmann.

Anabel Ternès is actively involved in various committees and boards, serving as an advisor for Plant for the Planet, President Germany of the Club of Budapest and International Embassy for Economic Affairs, and as a board member of PAN. Additionally, she is a member of the UN Ocean Decade Germany and the Club of Rome through her association with Green Insights. Her longstanding commitment to human rights and environmental protection has earned her multiple awards, including the FEMALE FUTUROLOGIST Award, recognition as an ambassador for the WOMEN IN BUSINESS initiative by the Federal Ministry of Economics, the Google Impact Challenge Award, and designation as a LinkedIn Top Voice in Sustainability.

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