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Prof. Dr. Anabel Ternès von Hattburg
Prof. Dr. Anabel Ternès von Hattburg


Prof. Dr. Anabel Ternès von Hattburg is a futurist, keynote speaker, author, and founder of sustainable start-ups. As the CEO of Sustain Plus, she serves as the managing director of the Berlin-based SRH Institute for Sustainability Management and holds the position of professor of communication management. With extensive international leadership experience in business development, she has contributed to companies such as Samsonite, Triumph, and Fielmann. Anabel Ternès is actively involved in various comm

Welcome to “WE EMPOWER” – the radio show that inspires women to unleash their strengths and thrive in various aspects of life. The show offers a diverse mix of content, featuring inspiring interviews with successful women across various professional fields and discussions on women-led businesses.

“WE EMPOWER” shines a spotlight on women pioneers in history, science, art, and culture, and explores the influence of contemporary female role models. The program also delves into the world of arts and culture, providing reviews of films, books, music, and art that celebrate women’s strength and diversity. Interviews with female artists and authors sharing their works and experiences are also a part of the show.

Self-development and wellbeing are key focuses, with tips for personal growth, self-care, and conversations about mental health. The latest books on self-development and wellbeing are showcased to provide valuable resources.

Addressing societal issues, the show discusses gender equality, women’s roles, and feminist movements. Interviews with activists making a difference are featured, highlighting the ongoing efforts to create positive change.

In the realm of sports, “WE EMPOWER” introduces female athletes and explores their success stories. Discussions cover challenges and breakthroughs in women’s sports, shedding light on the evolving landscape.

The show navigates the delicate balance of work and life for women, offering strategies and tips for managing professional and family commitments. Interviews with women successfully juggling work and family life provide real-world insights.

Entrepreneurship is a key theme, with success stories of mothers who ventured into business. Discussions explore the challenges and opportunities for mothers in the business world, featuring the latest books on this topic.

Exploring family dynamics, the show covers various family structures and how women navigate them. Tips for handling challenges in patchwork families are shared, along with insights from the latest books on the subject.

The show also delves into the crucial role of women in child-rearing, discussing its impact on personal and professional development. Interviews with experts in education and family counseling provide valuable perspectives.

Addressing the challenges faced by women caring for both children and elderly family members, the show provides tips for coping with pressures in the “Sandwich Generation.” The latest books on this topic are also highlighted.

“WE EMPOWER” explores the importance of family-friendly workplaces and how companies can support women’s family needs. Interviews with companies implementing innovative approaches shed light on best practices.

Highlighting the maternal mental load, the show explores the invisible mental burdens carried by women in families. Tips for a fair distribution of responsibilities within the family are provided.

Conversations about the unique challenges of single mothers and ways to strengthen their families are featured, including interviews with single mothers sharing inspirational stories. The latest books on this topic are presented.

The show concludes with life-supporting tips for the women who listen, providing practical advice and resources. Join us every week as we celebrate strong women, share inspirational stories, and empower women to discover and unfold their power on “WE EMPOWER.”


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