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Mr. Charles Tankard Hahnemann

4th Great Grandson of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann Founder of Homeopathy

Sent to Atiq Ahmad Bhatti, presenter of the Homeopathy Health show on UK Health Radio by Mr. Charles Tankard Hahnemann, the 4th great grandson of dr. Samual Hahnemann, founder of Homeopathy!

Dear Atiq,

As a direct descendant of the founder of Homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, I wish to extend my best wishes to you for your efforts in promoting the benefits of Homeopathy.

I am pleased to note that you are a 4th generation Homeopath and commend you and your family for this tremendous commitment to Homeopathy and its practice.

I am delighted to know that Homeopathy has a place on radio now with your Homeopathy Health Show on UK Health Radio, and sincerely hope that it continues to provide a solid educational platform for people around the world who wish to utilise Homeopathy.

The standards set by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann over 200 years ago are just as important as they were at that time, and to know them thoroughly and continue with research is of paramount importance for the future of Homeopathy and Homeopathic Practitioners.

I wish you well and look forward to your continued success in Homeopathy and your radio show.


Alison Dunn

Joint managing director Chamberlain Dunn

Promotion and advertising campaign:

From the whole Integrated Health Convention and Complementary Therapy teams, we just wanted to thank you, Raphaela and your entire team for all your help and encouragement you gave us for the event. The support & promotion of UK Health Radio was vital to the success of the day – a lot of hard work by everyone. We were proud to have you as media partners with the articles in Health Triangle Magazine, the radio ads, Dr. Toh Wong’s interview, help with the awards judging and presenting, and the strong presence and promotion throughout the build up period on UK Health Radio and the website, social media etc.

We all felt it was a day like no other – we hope you and your team enjoyed it and it offered plenty of ideas for you to follow up.

We are all still in recovery mode so we are not yet developing plans for 2023 but we will be in touch as soon as we know more.

With a huge thank you and best wishes from us all.

Mas Sajady

CEO, Mas Sajady Inc.

Promotion and advertising campaign:

I’ve only known Johann & Raphaela at UKHR for a short time, however I’ve been very impressed by the level of service they provide and by their commitment & dedication to their cause.

Johann’s journey of recovery from a terminal illness is hugely inspirational, and I’m looking forward to interviewing him on my Podcast and to working with him going forward.

On the promotional side, my team worked closely with UKHR in advance of my recent visit to the UK, and UKHR provided an amazing level of support, including a radio interview, social media posts, a website banner and an article in the ‘Health Triangle Magazine’. We were very impressed by how accommodating they were, and how quickly and efficiently they acted upon our requests.

It was a privilege & an honour to meet Raphaela & Johann, and Reg, editor of the ‘Health Triangle Magazine’, at the Best You Expo recently, and I look forward to working with them again in the future.

Danielle Sax

What an amazing variety of education, inspiration and vital information!

Absolutely astonishing!!

Congrats for all that you do for humanity!

Thank you UK Health Radio team!

Bernardo Moya

Founder & Chief Inspiration Officer, The Best You

Promotion and advertising campaign:

UK Health Radio is a gathering place for many expert teachers and leading medical professionals who are powerfully bridging the conversational gap between holistic and modern medical practices.

UKHR played a significant role in the phenomenal turnout of exhibitors, speakers, and attendees at this years The Best You Expo. Johann and the UKHR team are a complete joy to work with and we look forward to growing and expanding our partnership both here in the UK as well as Globally.

Kyrylo & Albina Alenchyk

Founder and Creative Director, Teaberia

Promotion and advertising campaign:

UKHR is a treasure chest and great source of info on health, nutrition and wellbeing. Loving every single drop of it! We have had good responses every time we have been on TheWayForward on UKHR. The response for trial samples was greater than we expected. Our thanks to Stewart and his team for being so helpful.

Kind regards.