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Wolfgang Sonnenburg


Shows: Winspiration - Growth Principles for Humanity in Progress

What kind of questions do we need to ask ourselves to shape our future? Wolfgang’s deep dive thinking and questioning is disruptive and cuts through the surface to the root of our being. “Get real and work for the ideal” is not just a slogan at Winspiration, it’s one of the essential steps to reach true freedom and an extraordinary life.

Wolfgang Sonnenburg is an Investor, Entrepreneur, Coach and Mentor. His transformational coaching supports people and companies in recognising their effectiveness, creative possibilities and influence by cutting through the surface. Self-awareness and self-empowerment are the first steps to shape not only our individual lives but also our whole society creating true win-win relationships. Wolfgang Sonnenburg has made a lifetime commitment to support shaping a society in which everyone discovers and lives their own responsibility, their own power and their own strength in love and clarity.

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Better the Whole World Against me Than my Soul An Unconventional Way of Being a Millionaire, by Wolfgang Sonnenburg „Without question, the Real Deal“ – Bob Proctor

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