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It is our pleasure to announce the latest issue of Health Triangle Magazine – Issue 115!

Featured Topics:

    • Health Focus: Myalgic encephalomyelitis or chronic fatigue syndrome
    • Self Care: Summer Inspiration from Oprah and Maya: 4 steps toward your self-actualisation by Danielle Sax
    • Are you increasing your dementia risk with a low fat and high carb diet? by Patrick Holford
    • Winspiration: Mastering the inner game: The key to empowered livings by Wolfgang Sonnenburg with Greta Gericke
    • Breaking News: Heatwaves kill over 60,000 people in Europe in 2022
    • Natural Refreshment by Janey Lee Grace
    • Beaming With Confidence: Crafting Your Picture-Perfect Grin
    • Talk Thyroid: Libido & Relationships by Rachel Hill
    • Addiction: AA Step by Step – Romance or Finance? by Louise F.
    • One third of normal-weight individuals are obese – Research by Tel Aviv University
    • New tricks: What can younger generations teach us?
    • Look after Your Liver by Sharan Verma
    • Discover the power of taking control and transforming your pelvic health! by Jenni Russell
    • Dare to follow the dream of a greater you… by Robin Jillian
    • Falls: the rise in prevention, planning & progress
    • Award winning books by Janey Lee Grace
    • Ageing is a choice – Part 7 – Getting More by Eating Less by Robert Manni
    • Poetry Corner: One Perfect Rose by Dorothy Parker
    • The tale of a past life sceptic by Niki Cassar
    • Why Protein for Breakfast Matters by Sujata Din
    • Effective Strategies For Preventing Eye Strain At Work And Home
    • Unity Consciousness and love awareness by Divine Life Yogini
    • Medical Marvel Moments, Weird & Wonderful Facts by Amanda Thomas
    • AM WELLness Moments Podcast at a glance… by Carly Chamberlain
    • Reg Starkey is Lost in the Hills by Reg Starkey
    • How does my PCOS affect my vaginal health? by ScreenMe
    • Meet the Team – New show by Dr Loken
    • Yes to Life – Robin Daly’s recent guests on the Yes to Life Show
    • TV & Movie Reviews
    • Programme Schedule


    “In the summer time when all the trees and leaves are green and the red bird sings…”

    2023 has been the hottest year, apparently, in 100,000 years. Yet by the end of this century, 2023 may be considered ‘cool’ – and not in a good sense. Breaking News already reveals 60,000 excess heat-related deaths last year in Europe alone.   In this high Summer issue, we offer you an abundant smorgasbord of thoughtful articles, from the few well-chosen words of Dorothy Parker on her single perfect rose to the expansive visionary overview of the Divine Yogini.   In between, Janey Lee Grace previews potential Award-winners in both Books and Products. Robin Daly provides fresh insights into integrative cancer care, while the NHS offers a rational assessment of M.E. which was once pejoratively nicknamed ‘yuppie flu’. Oprah Winfrey and Maya Angelou are presented as models of inspiration, while Wolfgang Sonnenburg offers his unique brand of Winspiration.   Elsewhere you can find good information on everything from your liver to your libido, from your eyes to your diet, from a healthy smile to a good night out. Our contributors’ aim is not so much to tell you what to think but more to highlight what to consider.   Generally, we are in favour of moderation in all things but when it comes to this bumper Summer issue of Health Triangle Magazine, we honestly believe you can’t get too much of a good thing…!  

    Reg Starkey


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