Health Triangle Magazine


It is our pleasure to announce the latest issue of Health Triangle Magazine – Issue 108!

Featured Topics:

  • Health Focus: Sinusitis
  • Self Care: Give yourself this amazing Christmas present: A better self-image by Danielle Sax
  • Addiction: AA Step by Step -“It’s the first drink that does the damage.” by Louise F.
  • How To Become A Personal Trainer
  • Homeopathy: Winter Remedies by Atiq Ahmad Bhatti
  • Ready to die?…Is the Spiritual Path to truly live... by Robin Jillian
  • Breaking News: The Inverse Care Law: Where the need is greatest, the least facilities are available…
  • UK Health Radio – the first 10 years… Truth stranger than fiction!
  • How To Manage Erectile Dysfunction And Regain Confidence
  • FREE YOUR QI – with FreeMind Rapid Change Hypnotherapy by Clara Apollo
  • Young cancer patients
  • ITeraCare therapy device as a gift for Christmas by Leaha Mattinson
  • Considering Going Private? Here’s Why You Should
  • Healing for women by Joanne Divine Life Yogini
  • Yoga with Kino: Is Yoga Competitive? Ageing Yogis and Preserving Lineage by Kino MacGregor
  • Winter Skin Care by Janey Lee Grace
  • The Rise of Health Ignorance: 6 Barriers to Seeking Medical Advice & Treatment
  • Footnotes: Are your feet prepared for next years walking by Peter Allton
  • How I came to reinvent myself by Niki Cassar
  • Yes to Life Robin Daly’s recent guests on the Yes to Life Show
  • Medical Marvel Moments, Weird & Wonderful Facts by Amanda Thomas
  • Soul Journey Tarot by Sam Pope
  • Revolution in care of leukaemia as new treatment drug approved for cancer patients in Scotland – Leukaemia Care
  • Renew Reset Recharge by Janey Lee Grace
  • Why our Power really is within our Pelvis by Jenni Russell
  • Research: A new paradigm to enhance tumour targeting with biomimetic nanovectors
  • The Vegan Kit: Advice & Inspiration Cards with All You Need to Know to Try Plant-based
  • Introducing Social Prescriptions: Can They Aid My Physical and Mental Health?
  • Common Causes Of Back Pain And The Best Ways To Resolve Them
  • Vaginal microbiome – A gateway to your sexual health and fertility by Farah Gina Condor
  • Poetry Corner: Dreaming Angel by Shing
  • Personalised Diagnostics for Wearables: A promising future
  • A Cure for Crohn’s: The Untold Cause and Emerging Treatment for Crohn’s Disease by Dr. David Armstrong
  • Meet the Team – New Shows on UK Health Radio
  • TV & Movie Reviews
  • Programme Schedule


This bumper issue of Health Triangle celebrates 10 years of literally non-stop broadcasting by UK Health Radio – and the start of a new era of global podcasting on 20 well-established  platforms connecting with some 850 million listeners worldwide!

Impossible to imagine given the limited life expectancy predicted for UKHR founder Johann Ilgenfritz at the end February 2012. In his podcast interview with Chris Grimes, Johann chooses a quote from Mark Twain: “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born – and the day you discover what to do with it!” For Johann, that meant letting go of a glamorous international career in fashion photography and pioneering an unmapped journey in global health! For Niki Cassar, it meant letting go of a successful business making TV commercials and developing instead her passion for hypnotherapy and past life regression. For Sam Pope, it meant letting go of a family business, getting a degree in Psychology and pioneering a new technique using tarot cards as psychological levers. For Wolfgang Sonnenburg, it meant letting go of a conventional career as a successful lawyer in Hamburg. Wolfgang Sonnenburg’s success today as a human being is all about ‘getting real and working for the ideal.’

When Nelson Mandela stopped being a prisoner and became instead South Africa’s first Black President, his inaugural speech attributes this quote to him: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” In fact, they came from Marianne Williamson!

This bumper issue of Health Triangle magazine provides a fascinatingly diverse smorgasbord of ideas and information for your consideration and delight. It’s not a race. Take your time. A new year and new challenges are certainly coming your way. Just remember the words of Marianne Williamson: “You are powerful beyond measure!”

Reg Starkey


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