Featuring stories and wisdom of Mothers. For women who have felt lost, alone, unsupported, dimmed, squashed, uncomfortable, unable to speak truth for fear of it highlighting the shadows. Mother-time is when we are most fertile physically. It is when we begin to nurture, guide and support those around us. It is our creative blooming. It is the ripening fruit, our period of birthing ideas, businesses, and babies. It is also the time we are asked to quietly shoulder a lot. Societal pressures, conditioning from authorities, media exposure and emotional immaturity are all designed to keep us forever in maidenhood. The never-ending quest to stay young, look young, but still be successful. Businesses, Children and Creative projects take a village to nurture. It is in Mother Energy we find our communities, our village and ultimately our sanity. This show will share stories and wisdom of Mothers; an opportunity to share real talk, real issues and humour around becoming and being a Mother. We aim to talk into everything and anything from giving birth to parenting styles to reparenting ourselves…. The show will be hosted by Clara Apollo, Sarah Lloyd, Zoë Foster and Kathy Bell, who will take turns co-hosting with a different guest interviewed each week. Website: https://www.wakeupmother.com

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