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Dr. Mona Kular


Shows: To Immunity & Beyond

Dr. Mona Kular is a medically trained doctor, former General Practitioner and now Health & Nutrition Coach. She regularly writes for health and wellness magazines, and is one of the contributors for the education section of Alice Liveing’s app, Give Me Strength. Mona also works with a company called GlycanAge, offering lifestyle and health advice to their clients to help improve their biological age and wellness, a test that she also offers to her own clients.

She has a particular interest in long term, sustainable weight loss through eating for health and nourishment, but her passion also lies in helping people to find the best version of themselves, by balancing all aspects of their lives for improved health. Optimising sleep, stress reduction, nutrition, movement, connection and purpose all come together to create a harmonious approach to health and wellness.


Email: hello@thehealthspandoctor.com

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