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UK Health Radio

“After physical freedom and freedom of speech the next big one must be the freedom given through having good health.

Watching your children grow up, even your grand children. Being able to do your favourite sport, go dancing with your loved one.

The results of my tooth & nail fight against cancer, and then the decision to help everybody else attain that freedom that comes with having good health, is UK Health Radio.
UK Health Radio might have started as an ambition but it has become a mission. This mission is to continuously produce and air quality health information for you, for me, for everyone.

Programs that feature topics on back pain, allergies, skin care, weight management, migraines, nutrition, indigestion, cardiovascular care, women’s and men’s health, mental health, elder care, sexual health, avoidance of stress, avoidance of accidents and trauma, ….

Features on cancer, cancer prevention, cancer treatments, fitness, homeopathy, on sleep, helping teenagers and parents through puberty, on sport, on how to communicate your health problems to your health professional, the list is endless!

“If you listen to UKHR, I guarantee you will be informed.
And being informed is that first step to attaining your Health Freedom

Johann Ilgenfritz



Featured shows:

Advocacy Heals U

Many people find that after a life crisis, they want to pay it forward or honor loved ones lost by advocating for positive change and helping others. In turn, it heals some of their mental, emotional and even physical wellbeing.
Host: Joni Aldrich
Co-Host: Chris Jerry, (whose mission is to stop preventable medical errors like the one that claimed his 2-year-old daughter Emily).


Cancer SOS

“You or someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer…” A cancer diagnosis changes everything for the patient and their family. On Cancer SOS, we discuss all topics related to any type of cancer. Guests include oncologists, cancer support organizations and survivors.
Host: Joni Aldrich


Caregiving SOS

Many diseases affect the life of more than the patient alone. As more illnesses require complex and long-term treatments, the caregiver is the referee, pharmacist, medical assistant, and moral support for the patient–all without any formal training or enough sleep! A group of seven expert guests provide invaluable advice for caregivers.
Host: Joni Aldrich


Direct UK Chart Show

Join us every week for a rundown of the best of today’s hits, presented by Josh Ellis. He’ll be guiding you through what’s hot in this weekly Top 40 Show.
Presented by Josh Ellis


Get Inspired With Gurds

Gurdeep Hundal is a leading Motivational Life Coach. After spending many years suffering from a variety of physical and emotional illnesses, Gurdeep discovered the art of self healing. More than 2 years on she has ditched the medicines, taken up meditation and yoga, and rewired her entire approach to life, and founded Get Inspired With Gurdeep in 2014 as a Life Coach, and is now better known as the Inspirational Lady.

Gurdeep has helped hundreds of people transform their lives and mindset and continues to do so through coaching, courses and workshops. She’s also a Health Journalist, trained Health Advisor and Dispenser and Medical Journalist, and has written a variety of health articles for Heart Matters, Pulse Today and Nursing Times, and previously co-hosted The UK Natural Health Show on UK Health Radio.
Presented by Gurdeep Hundal


Healing Ties

Now that the Caregiving journey has ended, the “Healing Ties” has begun! Join Chris MacLellan, ‘The Bow Tie Guy’ for compelling conversations with special guest from across the country on “Healing Ties” The theme of the show is how we create “Healing Ties” in our life and in our community. On “Healing Ties” we focus on the four pillars in life; Our Emotional, Physical, Spiritual and Financial health and how we create good health, happiness and prosperity around us. Join Chris as he ties together four important components of life into one big and beautiful bow tie to create “Healing Ties” all around us!
Presented by
Untitled 3


Health Answers

How can you find your way through the maze of health information and understand which foods are really good for you and which supplements you actually need?
Would you like to know the true causes of illness and discover how people have recovered, even when told it was impossible?

Fibromyalgia, type 2 diabetes, ME, high cholesterol and arthritis are not diseases. They are just names for symptoms of nutritional deficiencies and toxicity which can be easily addressed without drugs.
A family member or friend with alzheimer’s or dementia, depression or anxiety? Find out how others have reversed these so called incurable diseases.

Clive de Carle recovered for “incurable” arthritis 27 years ago and has been researching health recovery ever since. Thousands have recovered their health from understanding and acting on Clive’s comprehensive knowledge and research.
Presented by Clive de Carle


Health and Healing

This show is where science and spirituality merge. As a society today, we are suffering more than ever from diseases of lifestyle, it is time to ask ourselves why? To look beyond just the physical and understand how our mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic aspects interact to create health and healing.

Chronic illness is a manifestation of living our lives out of balance individually, as well as globally. This show will look at how we create optimal healing within the body through engaging and understanding of the mind/body/spirit connection. We will discuss the science and research being done in fields such as Mind/Body Medicine, Energy Medicine and other integrative disciplines. As well as explore facets of healing from all perspectives, as true health is only found through the balance of all dimensions of self. Through education and discussion we will empower the listeners by giving them self healing tools to create lasting health and wellness.
Presented by Angela Levesque


Health Kicks Show

healthkicksJohn shares the latest health and wellness news, information and gossip from the UK, Europe and beyond in his popular Health-Kicks Show. He is particularly interested in issues of general health, cancer prevention and treatment, cardiovascular care, women’s issues, mental health, elder care, sexual health, fitness, wellbeing, avoidance of stress, nutrition, healthy eating, fitness and avoidance of accidents and trauma.
Presented by John Hicks


Health Matters

Health Matters focuses a lot on children’s health, from toddlerhood to teenager (hood) – right through to when the children grow up and decide to have a family of their own.
Shows on, sports drinks & energy drinks for children, every day steps to minimize sugar in your child’s diet, hormones & teenagers, how is our environment affecting our health, the language your body ‘speaks’, alkalizing your diet, the importance of omega’s, A – Z in natures pharmacy.
“Healthy children will grow up to be healthy adults” and hopefully create a healthy cycle for our future.

Make conscious choices because Health Matters!
Presented by Stella Kazazis


Homeopathy for Life

Dr Atiq's MottoAtiq Ahmad Bhatti is a 4th generation registered Homeopathic Practitioner. He speaks about natural healing and specifically on how Homeopathy can help alleviate so many symptoms without causing side effects.

With his myriad of experience in Homeopathy, Biochemic Salts, applied Homotoxicology and Quantum Healing. Atiq will share with you how some of these methods can help you on your journey to enjoying a healthy life.
Presented by Ariq Ahmad Bhatti


Kick Up The Eighties

Geoff presents his Kick Up the ’80s, Supersonic 70′s and Solid Gold ’60s shows right here to entertain listeners to the UK’s bright new health and wellness radio station.
Presented by Geoff Dorsett


Knowledge Nation

The show is dedicated to exploring all areas of natural health, consciousness, plant medicines and many other topics for the Mind, Body and Soul.

Each week we will have a main guest who will be an expert in their chosen field, such as doctors and professors, or maybe everyday people that have healed themselves naturally of a dis-ease.

Each week there will be a chance to hear from our resident Astrologist Michael Day, Good News from around the World, our recommendations on products and services plus an up and coming artist every week.

The show will be action packed only with the best guests.

Our aim is to deliver information on a wide range of topics in such a way that everyone can understand, even if its a new topic that might not of been explored before.

We want our listeners to be inspired and to learn the latest information on as many topics as possible, so we’ll bring top quality guests on the show to share their knowledge every week.
We want to show that anyone can make a change, most our guests have gone through intense challenges in life, but come out the other side.

If you want some motivation or inspiration, the latest in alternative health or even great tips to begin leading a healthier, longer life with more vitality or to expand your consciousness then tune into Knowledge Nation.
Presented by Jess Lewis


Ladies Who Inspire

“Ladies Who Inspire” is an amazing show with and about ladies who took life’s adversities and turned them into helping others in a variety of charitable ways.
Presented by Joni Aldrich


Living Raw Radio

Having spent years working out natural ways to stay healthy, fit and mostly sane whilst being a single mother to 3 children and an entrepreneur she became fascinated by other peoples’ health choices. Particularly people who are busy, stressed, successful people.

That happily has created a wide, wide niche which enables Geeta to interview funny, interesting and successful guests and quiz them about their health choices and why their lives actually work. And what it takes from them to make it work.

Interspersed with this she gets to also have the most interesting and innovative health and alternative therapists as guests. Since she particularly hates talking to herself, over 95% of the show is guest and health expert based.

However needs must and from time to time, she does do shows where she talks about juice fasting, detoxing, nutrients, diets and other topics close to her heart.
Presented by Geeta Sidhu-Robb


Medical News Update every hour on the hour

UK Health Radio Medical News Update is your finger on the pulse of health news from around the world. On the hour every hour, all the health news that matters is presented by Amanda Thomas (UK Health Radio’s news editor) and, with a unique take on the medical stories that matter most to children, our youngest reporter, Gracie Timms.
Presented by Amanda Thomas with star appearances by Gracie Timms


Natural Healing Show

The Natural Healing show invites listeners to discover the world of natural living and healing shared by the knowledge of different therapists, yogis, healers, professionals, teachers & indigenous cultures from around the world.
Exploring various therapies, indigenous wisdom, organic living, herbal medicine, nutrition, holistic practices, life-style advice, global consciousness, positive affirmations and physical & mental health care.
Although ‘Natural Healing’ methods are today viewed as “Alternative” they have indeed been around for thousands of years and have been used by many different cultures around the world. 

Indigenous cultures living in natural environments are perceived as the ‘guardians’ of the worlds last remaining natural ecosystems. They carry immense knowledge and have spent centuries adopting valuable education on environment, plant healing, sustainability & biodiversity, which has been passed down through word of mouth to younger generations by their ancestors.
Yara will be exploring indigenous cultural wisdom of natural healing, ecosystems & sustainable living from around the world.

The Natural Healing Show is a platform to get voices heard and to help bridge the gap between western technology & indigenous knowledge.
Presented by Yara Ghrewati


Owners Manual For The Human Body

LOGO FOR COMP MANIn our celebrated and now simulcast series, our international panel of natural health experts shares with you the true causes of dis-ease, man’s problems and how they are inexorably intertwined.

We elucidate how medicine has taken numerous wrong turns that have only lead the entire discipline down ever-complex dead ends. The truth is quite simple: we are NOT sick we are TOX-SICK. How many true physicians are awakening to these truths? Discover how healing is once again an ARTFORM that is melded with science.

Join us to discover how You Can Heal Yourself, become truly vibrant and expand and harness the photons of light so as to be able to BE a master at manifesting in your life.

We are the change we want to see and our fellow man is now experiencing a Health (R)evolution of truly global proportions as we again reconcile mind, body & spirit and remember we are Human Beings NOT Human Doings.
Presented by India Irie Sanatana Dharma – Invited panellists: Dr. Darco Velcek, Dr Jeremy Ayres and Clive de Carle


Quantum Sports

Dr. Ken West, a recognized leader in performance science. At Oxford, Dr. West developed the Performance Pyramid, a model for balanced and accelerated
development of athletic performance. This show not only focuses on technical skill and tactical decision making but also the management and personal support systems required for sustainable world class achievement.

His approach focuses on working with the whole person, integrating their physical, mental, emotional & spiritual components. Dr. West, along with the Oxford graduate students, evaluated many developmental and professional sporting teams worldwide to determine the factors that make them successful. Keeping in place the productive factors that teams have and adding missing ingredients takes teams to new levels of performance. The range of solutions covers improving communication and cooperation between performers, support staff and administration to innovative fitness training and recovery techniques.
Presented by Dr. Ken West


Robert Scott Bell Show

Robert empowers his listeners with healing principles that can aid in physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, economic and, yes, even political healing! Two hours of healing information on radio, dealing with everyday health issues from the perspective of holistic health care. He tackles the tough issues and shows no fear when confronting government and corporate bullies who would stand in the way of health freedom.
Presented by Robert Scott Bell


South African Nature Journal

In 1991 Tim entered the world of radio by accident and this grew into a passion and today he still broadcasts conservation and environmental programs on Radio 702, Cape Talk and Radio Today – and now, here on UK Health Radio.

Tim also has a love for storytelling about the natural world and today has interests in writing and videography for a variety of productions and he consults on community outreach as well as conservation and research projects within the field of biodiversity.
Presented by Tim Neary


Spotlight Series

Janey has made it her life’s passion to source, seek, test and recommend the best natural eco and organic products and services in the market place.
She is known to over 7 million listeners via BBC Radio 2, and she has been voted the No 1 personality in the 2013 Natural Beauty Yearbook.
Janey writes columns for many magazines recommending natural products, and services.
In addition, she produces a range of health and wellness radio programmes for UK Health Radio and writes articles for Health Triangle Magazine.
Presented by Janey Lee Grace


Supersonic 70′s

Geoff presents his Kick Up the ’80s, Supersonic 70′s and Solid Gold ’60s shows right here to entertain listeners to the UK’s bright new health and wellness radio station.
Presented by Geoff Dorsett


Tales for Tea

Literature has the capacity to make us feel better – better in ourselves and better about ourselves – by immersing us in lives of others, by articulating eternal truths or by speaking of feelings so deep and complex that they are almost impossible to put into words. Literature in general and poetry in particular do seem capable of raising the human spirit.
To share a book by reading out loud can bring insights not available when we read alone. It’s as if the author is acting as an intermediary, allowing us to broach subjects that there isn’t the time or space or intimacy for in the normal pattern of our lives.
Listening to someone read is one of the deepest sources of comfort humans have. Nourishing and replenishing, there’s a sense – as with physical food- that someone is looking after you; that you can relax into a more passive state, trusting that someone else will care for you.
Being removed from the need to take in and translate the marks on the page gives an immense sense of freedom and ease. The mind and imagination can move freely and at leisure. The consequence of the story grows deeper and more real.
I always finish the session with a short piece of poetry. Once again, some people do not think they will enjoy the poetry but it has the habit of provoking thoughtful discussion and most people generally like this dip in the water. Others, are passionate about it.
Presented by Sharon Dunscombe


The Digestive Detective Show

Podcasting Cover 5The Digestion Detective Show is not just a show for those with badly behaved bowels, although that’s exactly what Sam loves to talk about, it also covers all aspects of health and wellbeing to.

Each week the show brings you a different topic, whether that is an expert interview, product review, targeting a specific health problem complete with solutions and guidance or answering the topics raised in the press or by other listeners.

The Digestion Detective show is the no nonsense show talking you through the mind field that is alternative health and wellbeing and together we uncover the myths from the truths and the helpful stuff from the over marketed rubbish. Oh and of course we occasionally talk about that taboo subject, yep you got it, we talk about pooh!
Presented by Sam Bearfoot


The Health and Humor Show

The Health and Humor Show is a weekly podcast with regular features such as the lame joke of the week, national and international health news and issues, Maureen’s Diabetic Corner, as well as segments featuring strange and crazy news from around the world. New episodes of The Health and Humor Show are posted here **each Sunday. The show is hosted by Maureen Sullivan, who is a Registered Nurse, a diabetic educator, and a humorist. Check out her website at The show is sponsored by
Presented by Maureen Sullivan


The Literate Patient

It’s not a secret: the foundation of healthcare has cracks that can cost more than inconvenience. Doctors are overworked and understaffed. On this show, we will offer practical advice to help you—the patient—become an active member of your own healthcare team!
Host: Joni Aldrich
Co-Host: Dr. Melissa Stewart (author of Practical Patient Literacy: The Medagogy Model)


Total Education Show

Total Education Show or also known as “The Total Education Hour” is a daily educational talk show that focuses on the listeners’ needs. Catch weekly discussions focusing on current education news at a local and national scale.

It features guests from the education community, including teachers, parents, principals, therapists, professors and service providers. Parents, students and educators alike have benefited from the decades of experience that the host and guests bring to the show.
Presented by Neil Haley


Travel Show

In each show John has guests that will share their knowledge on all aspects of travel, not just the destinations but how to hire a car, get good travel insurance or to use the internet to get a great deal.
The John Guinn Travel Show on UK Health Radio, checking it out before you check in!
Presented by John Guinn


Treatment SOS

Cancer treatment decisions are absolutely critical, and often require input from the patient. Should the patient consider a clinical trial? What are some questions you should ask about treatment? What is the latest and greatest research?
Host: Joni Aldrich
Occasional Co-Host: Dr. Peter Hofland (Publisher and Executive Editor of Onco’Zine, The International Cancer Network,


UK Country Music Show

UK Health Radio’s country music show presenter Lee Williams, whose day-job is as CEO and owner of CMR Nashville country music radio, was presented with the prestigious ‘International Country Music Broadcaster of the Year Award’ by the CMA (Country Music Association), Nashville.
Presented by Lee Williams


UK Folk Show

Arguably, the UK’s leading folk music radio show and presenter. We are delighted at the opportunity to share the latest music, plus some classics, from the UK’s vibrant folk music scene.
Presented by Brian Player


United Kingdom Talk Radio

Chris has been hosting “United Kingdom Talk” since October 2005, it is an hour long talk show, where he talks about life in general, as well as some news stories. Usually on the humorous side …
Presented by Chris Reardon


UK Natural Health Show

Xwh9D9Fv_400x400The UK Natural Health Show with Jess Lewis and Gurdeep Hundal. They are here to help. Providing you with exclusive information on natural ways of healing the Mind, Body and Soul – through a series of ‘one-off’ interviews with holistic medicinal experts.

They share their own experiences and others. Raising the awareness of the global shift in consciousness. Helping you to break out of self-sabotaging patterns and move comfortably towards success and happiness.
Presented by Gurdeep Hundal & Jess Lewis


UK Prepper Show

Prepping UK on UK Health Radio copy 3Who better to help us all plan for disaster – from nuclear accidents, through solar flares and to heatwaves and drought – than a former instructor in the Royal Observer Corps specialising in the Effects of Nuclear Weapons, member of the Institute of Civil defence and Community Defence Adviser?
Presented by Tom Linden


Yes to Life Show

10 ye logoThe Yes to Life Show is all about cancer. As we rapidly approach the point where half
of us will get cancer, there are some pretty stark questions facing us that the show
will be attempting to throw light on:
• What are we doing wrong?
• Why has the colossal investment in research produced so few answers?
• What are we missing?
• And crucially to all the above – What is cancer?

In pursuing these questions, Robin Daly will be talking to a fascinating mix of
scientists, oncologists, practitioners, and extraordinary survivors who have exceeded
all expectations by thinking outside of ‘the box’.

Questions will be asked about that box, what its assumptions are, what is in there
and why, and what the strengths and weaknesses of ‘in the box’ approaches are. The
show will also cast a wide net outside ‘the box’, looking at any approaches that could
be of benefit to those with cancer. And the question of the merits of Integrative
Medicine, a judicious combination of all potentially useful approaches that dispenses
with the box altogether in the interests of the patient, will feature prominently.
Presented by Robin Daly

Intro music to the Yes to Life Show generously provided by composer and guitarist Clive Carroll:
‘Black Nile’ from the album ‘The Red Guitar’ by Clive Carroll CCO11104


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