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Dr Claire Phipps & Caroline Phipps-Urch


Shows: The Menopause Sisters

Dr Claire Phipps & Caroline Phipps-Urch are the duo also known as The Menopause Sisters. Dr. Phipps graduated from Guy’s Kings and St Thomas’s medical school and now works as a GP in London. She has completed the British Menopause course, along with the International Menopause and the Confidence in Menopause courses. She is passionate about post reproductive healthcare and the menopause and wants to try and improve the information around this area, so women can be fully informed and in control of their care.

Caroline is a trauma informed yoga teacher who has trained in menopause and has been practising yoga for 25 years. Yoga is a health and wellbeing practice and she has witnessed the many benefits of yoga for herself, and in her clients. Through breath work, movement, meditation and relaxation, yoga encourages interoception; she defines it as an opportunity for women to look inwards into tuning their bodies and making space to listen to their needs as they transition into the post reproductive part of their lives.

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