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Evalynne Charmer Dip. Hyp (Paediatrics)


Shows: Autistic Voices

Evalynne is the founder & Director of the UK’s leading Neurodivergent Online Therapy Service ‘Ed Elf Child Therapy Ltd.’ and associated training company ‘The Child Hypnotherapy Institute UK’. She was shortlisted for the CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council) Mental Health Award in 2022 for her passion and innovation in helping autistic and neurodivergent children and young adults develop rich mental wealth and self-esteem using Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, Protective Behaviours, CBT and Solution Focused Counselling. 

She has a strong drive for getting Autistic Voices heard from children and young adults, parents & families, professionals and volunteers and bring the complexities forward in a world that is growing in its’ understanding of ‘Life on the Spectrum’. As an autistic ‘Aspie’ herself diagnosed aged 53 and having worked with over 500 autistic children and adults in the last six years, Evalynne understands that the lived experience greatly differs from person to person, even with some common realities. 

With 38 years under her belt of working with children, young people and families across a broad and rich tapestry of roles, Evalynne is very proud to be supporting other therapists to develop excellent practice for working with children of ALL neurotypes. A Paediatric specialist Hypnotherapist she now trains other new beginners for CHRYSALIS in Hypnotherapy with Counselling Skills in the north of England. 

Additionally she set up the Child Hypnotherapy Institute UK and has developed a bespoke CPD training programme for qualified therapists wanting to work with children and young people, including specialising in young people & adults with neurodivergent brain functioning such as Autism and Aspergers, and is an autistic and SEN consultant for schools and local authorities.

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