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John Fry


Shows: Sport & Lifestyle Biz

Presenter John Fry

Having played football at school and in my teens, a serious injury changed my goal and I started working in finance. After the economic crash in 2008 again decided a further career change for me, I decided to focus more attention into coaching football which I had been doing on a part-time basis for a while. I obtained my football badges, learned about nutrition, fitness, the importance of healing from injuries and competition mindset. After finishing coaching my son’s team, I coached a girls football team for 3 1/2 years and during the last 3 years we won every league match and several Summer tournaments… I like to think the key was all that I had learned, dedication to the role and coaching them like footballers, nor girls and they were brilliant! I then decided to spend more time with my own children, so stopped coaching a team and set up a football school while getting more into media. I now find myself here at this amazing Radio Station being able to discuss topics that I love and interview inspirational people.

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