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Leaha Mattinson


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Leaha Mattinson is a change management specialist, life coach, speaker, and author who “walks her talk” in a truly extraordinary way. In 2008 she learned she would someday inherit Huntington’s disease, a genetic, neurological, terminal illness that affects the brain and progressively shuts down the mind and body. It was a devastating diagnosis—yet Leaha realized that to be true to the message she shares with clients, she must live her life consciously with enthusiasm, grace, and gratitude.

She developed her own wellness protocol to halt the onset of the disease by focusing on the bioenergetics of nutrition, exercise, restorative sleep, mindfulness, and a pervasive sense of reverence for life. But the most crucial attribute of Leaha’s success is her mindset: She embraces passion, happiness, and possibility, and turns all negativity into positive life experiences. She attributes her work ethic and values to the example set by her beloved parents and a childhood growing up on a farm where she was immersed in the rhythms of nature.

Her mission is to share these valuable insights with others. As a thought coach, she guides her clients toward self-improvement by helping them resolve underlying fears, interrupt bad habits, and break through barriers in order to be well. She is also a speaker, addressing topics such as facing chronic or terminal illness, finding the Wellness Within yourself, stress management, finding courage, discovering purpose and living in uncertainty.

Leaha is a wellness advocate, teacher and since 2014 she hosts the Master Your Life show on Internet radio, which reaches a global audience. It is aimed at people who are passionate about the truth, overcoming obstacles, wellness, personal growth, and self-improvement—those who are eager to bring real change to the way they live and find meaning in a world that’s often brutally stressful and disconnected.

Silver Linings: How to Be Unstoppable in the Face of a Terminal Illness is Leaha’s first book. It’s companion guide Silver Linings Course Correction Guide: Your Nurturing Journey Starts Here takes the reader further into self-discovery and wellness through their own deep contemplation.

Grandmother of three, Leaha lives in Alberta, Canada. To connect with the Master Your Life community, come visit the Master Your Life Emporium ~ the ultimate, ever-evolving curation of the absolute best wisdom, resources, and tools to create optimal health and wealth.

Leaha Mattinson
Master Your Life Show Host
Wellness and Wealth Advocate

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