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New Body Composition App goes global


Bodystat Ltd an Isle of Man manufacturer of Body Composition devices now have an exciting new App.

The App is designed to keep fitness fun and to engage Personal Trainers and their clients in monitoring their body composition, helping to keep motivation strong.

One of the most exciting features of the App is the new Bodystat Age. This has been calculated using statistics from Bodystat’s in-house data base, comprising of over results 23,000 body composition results. The Bodystat age is a proprietary calculation and is representative of your body’s real age based on your current body composition.

The App is free to users and proving a worldwide hit, with downloads in Finland, USA, South Africa, Colombia, Mexico, Indonesia, China & Japan.

For more information please see http://www.bodystat.com/bodystat-app/



App Features

Bodystat, making fitness fun!

For the end user:

  • Motivate me section with the unique Bodystat age
  • Graphical representation of your test results
  • Edit feature for tests
  • Star feature for motivation
  • Receive personalised comments from your personal trainer
  • Reminds you of your next appointment with your personal trainer
  • Interesting and informative help section
  • Fun hints and tips

For the personal trainer:

  • Personal trainers name appears throughout the app
  • Next appointment stored in phone
  • Appointment pops up in phone diary
  • Can enter words of encouragement throughout


  • Unique to Bodystat – only works with Bodystat 1500 Series devices
  • It is possible to add more than one personal trainer
  • Knows which device you are using and works with older units. Dry lean not asked for in older units, this is calculated with the App
  • Metric or imperial measure available for input (graph converts to metric)
  • Currently only English, please ask for translations
  • Test details can be edited in the event of in correct data entry