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Considering Going Private? Here’s why you should

First things first, it should go without saying that in Britain, we are all incredibly lucky to have the NHS. In fact, the national healthcare system is often seen as one of Britain’s crowning achievements. However, you might find yourself having to decide between going private or having your treatment done through the NHS. Truth be told, if it is a possibility for you, then going private actually does have a number of benefits.
Let’s take a look.

Truth be told, the NHS is overwhelmed. This often leads to long waiting lists for patients; some people have been on a waiting list for years when trying to access treatment. Private healthcare, on the other hand, is not subject to these waiting lists. Choosing to go private can mean that you are booked in for your procedure within a matter of days. This means that if you go private, you will have had the procedure and recovered long before you have moved up the NHS waiting list.

Unfortunately, the way the NHS works often means that you have to see multiple different doctors and nurses, all while parroting the same symptoms until you are better. This is simply because GPs working on the NHS often have enormous caseloads. Doctors in the private sector have fewer patients, which is what allows them to dedicate more time to patients on an individual level, allowing them to personalise the care that they provide.

NHS facilities are often criminally underfunded, which can mean that they are lacking in certain equipment. Private healthcare facilities, on the other hand, have more money to reinvest back into the facilities themselves. They often have better equipment, and they can create more of a homely atmosphere which can be advantageous for those that don’t feel comfortable in clinical settings; for example, Phoenix Hospital Group has several locations boasting state-of-the-art equipment in each and every one.

If you choose to go private, then you are saving precious resources in the NHS for other people that need them. If you have health insurance, or if you can afford to go private, then you are helping to support the NHS. You are ensuring that you aren’t taking up space on the waiting list that could otherwise be used for someone else who maybe can’t afford to go private or who doesn’t have private health insurance.

There are several benefits to going private, both for the patient and even for the NHS too. It is quicker, the standard of care is often better because it is more personalised, and it helps to safeguard the NHS. However, often, the biggest deciding factor is the cost, and truthfully, it is difficult to predict how much going private will cost you because it does depend on several things like the healthcare provider, location and whether you have insurance. In the end, it comes down to your individual circumstances and personal preference too.