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Does Thermage Treatment really work?

Thermage is a popular FDA-approved monopolar Radio Frequency (RF) aesthetic device used for skin tightening, fine lines, and wrinkles and improving the appearance of cellulite. As we age, we lose collagen at a rate of around 1% a year; once we hit 30, we first start noticing the signs of ageing. At this point, it’s a great time to begin anti-ageing treatments. A strong collagen-stimulating treatment like Thermage every two years is usually enough to ward off the signs of ageing. But if you are like many others and have already decided to work on your skin but have signs of ageing, then treatments can be carried out more regularly to achieve a better result and wind back the clock!
Thermage stimulates the much-desired collagen by delivering an electrical current into the skin, causing the targeted cells to generate heat, allowing for controlled thermal ‘damage’ to the skin. The ‘damage’ is the denaturing of the cells in the lower dermis and won’t be visible. As the treatment is monopolar rather than bipolar (like some RF devices), the energy can reach deeper into the skin for better tightening. As Thermage also uses a cooling system, it provides protection for the upper layers of the skin from the heat (maintaining 40 degrees at the surface and 65-75 degrees underneath), meaning no downtime and limiting the effects of Thermage to the deeper layers of skin, exactly where we want it. The treatment will feel like a nice warm heat on the surface of the skin.

Immediate results
Seeing instant results gives you a nice boost! In the short term, an instant tightening effect is noticed after a Thermage treatment with edema (reddening of the skin). The heat breaks the hydrogen bonds in the targeted collagen, which causes the structure to shorten and thicken—providing patients with a visible instant but temporary tightening effect. The body will then clear the damaged collagen to make way for new collagen.

Long term results
This is the critical part! Denaturing the collagen in the treatment ensures fibroblast cells produce new collagen; this is the tightening effect seen a few months after the procedure. The results will continue to improve for an incredible six months!

Why choose Thermage?
Results are generally so impressive that clients wait 1.5 to 2 years for a second session! So it’s worthwhile investing in a treatment that will not only produce new collagen and help with anti-ageing but one that continues to work. This means infrequent treatments and less cost compared with standard RF devices. Many of the standard RF devices are bipolar, not reaching the same depth or intensity as Thermage, and will typically need a course of 6 –12 sessions for a noticeable result!

Pulse Light Clinic, a London-based clinic, invested in Thermage, to provide patients with the most up-to-date and effective form of Radio Frequency treatment. Established over two decades is a Doctor and Nurse led clinic, researching and developing the best devices and techniques to provide patients with the optimum results in device-led treatments.
Thermage is a popular treatment as there is no downtime, meaning you can go straight back to work and let the treatment continue to work under the skin! What’s even better is Thermage is suitable for all skin types. So whether it’s targeting cellulite or wrinkles, Pulse Light Clinic offers free same-day consultations with a skin specialist. With a large array of the latest skin devices, there is a treatment plan for everyone!