• amanda-nelson
    Amanda Nelson

Amanda Nelson, the Easy Detox Expert, is on a mission to show you that that you CAN detox, lose weight, feel great, achieve optimum health, have happier relationships, become more abundant and improve your life in the EASIEST possible way!


Amanda is the Director of Manifest Health, one of the UK’s most well established and well respected online Detox companies, and she is a multi-qualified holistic therapist too (Kinesiology, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting & Integrative Quantum Healing protocols.)


Amanda has over 25 years of experience in the health and detox arena and is launching her ‘Easy Detox Expert Lifestyle Programme’ in first quarter 2016, with the simple aim of making the detox experience a happier, easier one for everyone. To this end, Amanda is also spearheading the ‘Detox Approved’ marque which signposts health conscious consumers to detox approved products, services and companies worldwide.

  • Amanda Thomas and Gracie Timms
    Amanda Thomas and Gracie Timms
Amanda Thomas, UK Health Radio news editor

Amanda is a published author and has clients for which she writes everything from web content to biographies. She is a regular guest on the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2 and lives in Corsham near Bath with her cocker spaniel Paddy. She has had many varied clients from a gangster to a kidnap victim.

She has written fiction and non-fiction for UK magazines and for children and been health editor for the Royal Mail and UK Police Force’s in house magazines. Her day may start with writing a steamy scene for a bodice ripper novel and end with another Tractor story for the under fives. In between will be articles and broadcasts on UK Health Radio, for whom she is our News Editor, and on many other sites including most recently, a satirical news site, for which she writes a daily blog focusing on the lighter side of the news.

Gracie Timms is 12 years old and has a brother, Charlie, who is 6 years old. He is generally annoying but can also be loving. Gracie’s main interests are playing tennis, cycling, football (“Come on you Chelsea blues!”), reading and especially writing. She will gladly spend hours with pen to paper trying to create stylish stories to intrigue her friends and family. The more spine-chilling the better.

Gracie has a very close group of five friends, three of whom she has known from the age of 2. She enjoys taking part in two after school clubs with her friends, tennis and BBC School Report club. She also plays the piano. Gracie is very much looking forward to continuing with reporting on current health issues for UK Health Radio.

  • Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 09.02.48
    Atiq Ahmad Bhatti

Atiq Ahmad Bhatti is a 4th generation registered Homeopathic Practitioner and a Fellow of the British Institute of Homeopathy and member of the NHS Directory.

With his myriad of over 20 years of experience in Homeopathy, Biochemic Salts, applied Homotoxicology and Spagyric Remedies, Atiq will regularly share with you key Homeopathic remedies that will prove beneficial for everyday ailments and conditions through his Homeopathic Solutions series.

He will also share methods on utilising the power of healing found in Homeopathy that may help you on your journey to enjoying a healthy life.

Atiq’s motto: Your Health, Your Family, Your Life.

For more information, you may contact Atiq as follows:

Cell: 07812 070 810 (non-UK 00 44 7812 070 810)



  • chris3
    Chris Jerry

Writer, Speaker, Radio Host, and Patient Safety Advocate Chris Jerry is the President of the Emily Jerry Foundation ( EJF was founded to raise awareness about preventable medical errors. After an intravenous compounding error by an untrained pharmaceutical technician caused the tragic death of his 2-year-old daughter, Emily, Chris dedicated his life to keeping other families from suffering through a similar heartbreak. Through Chris’s personal dedication and contacts at medical facilities across the U.S., the critical goal is to help save lives through reducing the human error component of medicine. The general public is not aware that they are routinely put at risk within medical facilities around the world. Chris’s tragic and inspirational story are discussed in detail in the Pulitzer Prize nominated book, Advocacy Heals U; 15 Keys to Fast Track Results and Emotional Fulfillment. As the host of a new radio program, Surviving Healthcare Today, Chris will be focused on saving lives through awareness and patient-centered care objectives throughout the worldwide healthcare community–from medical professional to patient to caregiver and family! (Messages to Chris about his mission can be sent from the Emily Jerry Foundation Facebook page!)

  • ChrisMacLellan
    Chris MacLellan

Christopher MacLellan, CSA, is affectionately known as “The Bow Tie Guy” in many caregiving circles. Chris has over 10 years of personal caregiving experience and is an ardent advocate for caregivers and their caree’s, through his Caregiving blog, The Purple Jacket and his weekly radio show, ‘Healing Ties’ on UK Health and on UK Health Radio’s “Listen on Demand”.

With an educational background in Social Work, Theology and Leadership and Communications, Chris is the Executive Producer and Host of “Healing Ties” radio program as well as the National Caregiving Advocate for Answers For Chris and his deceased partner Bernard Richard Schiffer’s caregiving story, “In Sickness and In Health: A Couple’s Final Journey” was published by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel in April 2014 and has been seen world-wide by over 400,000 people. In January of 2015, the story was nominated for Pulitzer Prize consideration by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. With emphasis on the theory of the Law of Attraction, Chris brings a pragmatic approach to family Caregiving and is passionate about sharing his Caregiving story. Chris presents regularly on a variety of topics on healthy aging, caregiving, life after caregiving and LGBT Seniors.

“Healing Ties” Radio Show
Now that the Caregiving journey has ended, the “Healing Ties” has begun! Join Chris MacLellan, ‘The Bow Tie Guy’ for compelling conversations with special guest from across the country on “Healing Ties” The theme of the show is how we create “Healing Ties” in our life and in our community. On “Healing Ties” we focus on the four pillars in life; Our Emotional, Physical, Spiritual and Financial health and how we create good health, happiness and prosperity around us. Join Chris as he ties together four important components of life into one big and beautiful bow tie to create “Healing Ties” all around us!

  • CliveDeCarl
    Clive de Carle
Mental and physical performance specialist

Clive is an internationally acclaimed mental and physical performance specialist who is well-known across Europe as the co-founder of

He is one of the world’s foremost experts in optimum health and mental performance. For over 20 years he has dedicated himself to the pursuit of mental and physical high performance optimisation, providing cutting edge dietary consultancy and enabling thousands of clients to reverse the signs of illness and regain optimum health.

Clive’s passion for achieving peak health through natural means was triggered initially by a major health crisis in 1986. A healthy man of 32, Clive was prescribed a course of antibiotics by his doctor for a skin condition, which left him hospitalised with Type 1 diabetes and advanced rheumatoid arthritis with no hope of a cure.

With the doctors unable to help, Clive sought out the advice of nutritional health guru Patrick Holford, author of over 20 books on health and founder of The institute of Optimal nutrition, who explained to him that he was suffering from a nutritional deficiency, not a shortage of drugs and surgery as the doctors had suggested. By following Holford’s nutritional advice, within one year Clive found he had completely reversed the arthritis.

Clive took a second hit to his health in 2003 when a traumatic divorce left him at an all-time low, suffering from depression, mental exhaustion, emotional trauma, loosing focus, vision and drive. However, once again, Clive decided to take his health into his own hands and with the help of self-hypnosis and intelligent mind management he was able to re-establish his focus and his emotional health.

Since then, Clive decided to focus on health as he realised that without your health you have nothing, so he founded Ancient Purity, making available the very best sources of nutrients available on the planet.
Through Clive’s work, thousands of people who conventional medicine were told were incurable have now recovered their health using natural means, including those suffering from advanced terminal diseases.

In Clive’s own words, ‘In essence, I study wellness while doctors study illness, drugs, radiation and surgery. Doctors do not study health and usually only spend half a day on the vital subject of nutrition. The benefits from vibrant good health are well-known to us all but few realise what the basic rules are and just how simple they are to follow’.
You can see Clive’s YouTube channel here.

  • 557x269 Dom
    Dominic Arkwright

Dominic Arkwright has more than 20 years experience as a BBC reporter, mostly with the Today Programme. Most recently, he presented the quirky discussion programme Off the Page and The Call, both on Radio 4.

  • img_1601-2brian
    Dr Brian Halvorsen

Dr Brian Halvorsen
GDC No.47352

Dr Brian Halvorsen is a highly experienced dentist, able to combine excellent dental care with a passion in holistic dentistry, diet and oral health.

His latest book, ‘great teeth for life’ is dedicated to ‘to those who have suffered through lack of knowledge’ and provides invaluable advice for dental patients who want to avoid the pain and suffering that often accompanies poor teeth and improve their whole body health in the process.

He has a warm and caring manner and his concern for patient care is delivered with commitment and sincerity.

Preventative dental care is at the heart of his philosophy. Brian’s professional outlook is forward thinking; as in 1977 he founded his own Practice, dedicated to preventative, holistic dentistry; working in synergy with dental hygienists.
With the advancement of safer materials, Brian is able to offer patients cosmetic and amalgam free dentistry with less destruction of the natural tooth.

Brian considers himself to be part of a growing movement of “Biological Dentists”, and follows the principles of International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology [I A OM T]

Brian is one of life’s enthusiasts. He is also one of life’s dedicated carers. He cares passionately about his patients and, more particular, about how dentistry, his chosen lifelong profession, can intervene to help patients in ways far beyond the traditional boundaries of dental treatment.”

Stephen Hancocks, OBE
Editor in Chief, British Dental Journal
September 2009

  • KenWest
    Dr. Ken West

Dr. Ken West, a recognized leader in performance science, is best known for his visionary work in assisting people with resetting their unconscious in positive alignment with their highest good. Trained as an optometrist who specialized in sports vision, Dr. West was intrigued with why some elite athletes excelled, while others didn’t. Through 25 years of working internationally with Olympic Gold Medalists, world champions and other elite athletes in 45 different sports, Dr. West has evolved innovative techniques and technologies that are setting new milestones in performance.
He has lectured at Oxford University in the graduate programme on The Science and Medicine of Athletic Performance, has published several studies in professional journals, and is a sought-after speaker at lectures and workshops across the globe. Dr. West’s work centers on the concept that we all have innate unconscious destructive programming that sabotages our best laid plans, but that “resetting” or shifting that programming is possible. After studying the “zero point” concept of quantum physics, epigenetics, and the work of Emma Kunz, Masaru Emoto, Walter Kneisel and others; Dr. West created a unique technique that permanently deletes the negative programs that cause us to attract pain, disease, depression and other self-destructive patterns. By deleting these self-destructive programs in our subconscious, we can reset our “default” patterns to positive, healing and supportive ones.
At Oxford, Dr. West developed the Performance Pyramid, a model for balanced and accelerated development of athletic performance. This model not only focuses on technical skill and tactical decision making but also the management and personal support systems required for sustainable world class achievement. His approach focuses on working with the whole person, integrating their physical, mental, emotional & spiritual components. Dr. West, along with the Oxford graduate students, evaluated many developmental and professional sporting teams worldwide to determine the factors that make them successful. Keeping in place the productive factors that teams have and adding missing ingredients takes teams to new levels of performance. The range of solutions covers improving communication and cooperation between performers, support staff and administration to innovative fitness training and recovery techniques.

Human performance covers everything that humans do, from sport and business to feeding ourselves and maintaining our homes. The 4 keys to top performance are:

  • 1. Finding a vision for the ideal
  • 2. Connecting with people to support the vision
  • 3. Guides to reduce learning time and increase success rates and
  • 4. Supporters that assure you to keep persevering even when you are going against the norm.
  • vijay-murthy
    Dr Vijay Murthy

Unlock Your Health


Hosted by Dr. Vijay Murthy ~ a cutting-edge functional medicine and Ayurveda expert.

Unlock Your Health is an iconic, life-changing show

In this new and fascinating series Unlock Your Health, Dr Vijay Murthy will be interviewing health experts with vast experience from a variety of health modalities. He also gives voice to those who have successfully healed themselves of serious illnesses. Dr. Vijay Murthy helps his listeners to understand their own health challenges and explore possible solutions by bringing together science, medical expertise and wisdom traditions. The listener will be walking away with thoughts, ideas and inspiration to make life-changing choices to support their journey to health and wellbeing.

Dr. Vijay Murthy, being an experienced practitioner and researcher himself is able to put the information into a larger context thus taking the scope of a health show one step further. He has a reputation for being open-minded, critical and explorative as he tackles controversial topics, complex information and fleshes out key solutions.

For more information you may contact Dr.Vijay Murthy as follows;

Ayuwave Website:

Unlock Your Health Website:


Ph (lv msg): 07554005190 (non-UK: +447554005190)


Twitter: @unlockurhealth

  • Hippocrates face
    Fiona Shakeela Burns

Fiona has twice recovered from stage four cancer without using conventional medicine.

As an eleven year old, child she had Leukaemia and sarcoma and doctors gave her just months to live. Thankfully her parents refused the palliative chemo and instead took her to a naturopath who put her on the Gerson Therapy, – a detoxification system using plant juices, high dose nutrients and coffee enemas to support natural healing and repair the immune system. Thankfully she recovered completely.

When she left school, she became a nurse, but her passion was really for natural healing due to her early discovery of what was possible, so she went on to study Herbal medicine, undertaking a four year full-time course, from which she qualified in 1992. She remained healthy for many years and ran a busy clinic in London, whilst also discovering a passion for teaching adults and children about herbs. She qualified as a teacher and continued her clinics alongside her popular ‘Potions classes’ in North London. She also managed to spend a fair amount of time in India, where she studied meditation and gained her spiritual name Shakeela.

She moved to Bristol in 2005 and at this time, encountered many stresses, including her mum dying. Her sister had died of cancer a few years earlier and as a result, Fiona’s health began to take a downward turn, resulting in the shocking diagnosis of metastasized cervical cancer which had gone to the ovaries and the brain. There was no ‘cure’ and for the second time in her life, she was offered palliative chemotherapy. Again she declined this option, instead turning to natural medicine once again.

Within ten months, Fiona had completely reversed her condition and healed not only brain, cervix and ovary tumours, but also a deep vein thrombosis, a brain haemorrhage and a partially collapsed lung! She now has a busy clinic in North Bristol, has run two integrative Health-care conferences “The Back2Health Conference” and also has a herb garden where she grows and produces her own herbal tinctures.

Fiona lives with her retired greyhound ‘Angel’ and lives to inspire herself and others. Her monthly Back2Health radio show has been running since August 2014 and she is now delighted to be able to bring it to UK Health Radio on a fortnightly basis where she interviews people who have recovered from so called ‘ incurable’ conditions as well as health experts from around the world.


Her websites are:

  • GeetaSidhuRobb
    Geeta Sidhu-Robb

Geeta Sidhu-Robb spends her life talking about health and wellness as CEO of Nosh Detox.
Although a corporate lawyer, she started working with health as a way to help heal her son from asthma, eczema and the constant threat of anaphylaxis from multiple food allergies. What she hadn’t realised was that all that healing knowledge would actually make her better too! So she set up multi-award winning Nosh Detox and offered that knowledge to others.

Having spent years working out natural ways to stay healthy, fit and mostly sane whilst being a single mother to 3 children and an entrepreneur she became fascinated by other peoples’ health choices. Particularly people who are busy, stressed, successful people.

That happily has created a wide, wide niche which enables Geeta to interview funny, interesting and successful guests and quiz them about their health choices and why their lives actually work. And what it takes from them to make it work.

Interspersed with this she gets to also have the most interesting and innovative health and alternative therapists as guests. Since she particularly hates talking to herself, over 95% of the show is guest and health expert based.

However needs must and from time to time, she does do shows where she talks about juice fasting, detoxing, nutrients, diets and other topics close to her heart.
twitter: @noshdetox

  • Gurds Hundal
    Gurds Hundal

Gurds Hundal has devoted more than half of her life helping people to lead a better life as a healthcare advisor, health journalist, mentor, teacher and life coach. In 2012, Gurds went on a journey of self-discovery, raised her consciousness and rewired her mindset. She improved her health and wellbeing and discovered that everything she needed was within.

In 2014, she became the founder of an online platform to empower people to transform their lives and become the happiest, healthiest, and inspired person they know. She is the author of Educo: 52 Quotes For A Better Life and now delivers speeches on a variety of topics, including health, inspiration and personal development.

On the show, she personally invites you to listen to inspirational guests that have transformed their lives around in health, wealth, mindset and spirituality.


Twitter: @iamgurds



  • IndiaIrieSanatanaDharma
    India Irie Sanatana Dharma
A holistic life coach, Minister of Spirituality and personal advisor

Hosted by India Irie Sanatana Dharma – a holistic life coach, Minister of Spirituality and personal advisor. As an empath, she has the ability to connect heart space to heart space to provide support and counsel to assist in making sense of life and its lessons.
Often times, we find ourselves reliving vexing cycles that are based in past traumas and unexpressed emotion which presents as us living a perpetuating pattern no matter how much discomfort, pain, angst or stress these patterns cause. India works with the individual to peel back the layers of these unpleasant reflexive responses to allow resolution and release which is the beginning of creating a new SELF Paradigm.

With a firm grasp on the nuances of how our outer experiences reflect our inner balance or lack thereof, India works to help create new, more healthy self dialogue and to provide and demonstrate symbiotic tools with which to heal our journey here of our past karmic debts and move forward into the experience of a life we WISH to be living–but never could work out how.
If you are interested in sorting the past and redesigning what your NOW looks like, please reach India at the contact points below:
ph: (lv msg) +11 386 215 9502

Since a remarkable ‘near birth experience’ Jane Dawson has been able to connect with other people’s soul energy and their Spirit helpers in the other realms, to enable healing, abundance, happiness often bringing total transformation to someone’s life.

Now an internationally respected Spirit Communicator, speaker, teacher and author, Jane has discovered a little known truth – that we are all able to communicate with our loved ones and others in the other realms or what we call ‘Heaven’.

In her new book ‘Be your own Medium & reconnect with your Loved Ones in Heaven’ she teaches you how to reconnect with your own soul energy and your Spirit helpers in the other realms.

To find out more about Jane’s work visit her website or her FaceBook page!

  • JaneyLeeGrace
    Janey Lee Grace

There is a Natural alternative to Everything and through her bestselling books, seminars, and numerous TV and Radio appearances, Janey Lee Grace has made it her life’s passion to source, seek, test and recommend the best natural eco and organic products and services in the market place.
She is known to over 7 million listeners via BBC Radio 2, and she has been voted the No 1 personality in the 2013 Natural Beauty Yearbook.
Janey writes columns for many magazines recommending natural products, and services.
In addition, she produces a range of health and wellness radio programmes for UK Health Radio and writes articles for Health Triangle Magazine.
Janey is available to produce custom radio programmes for broadcast on UK Health Radio. In the meantime, join her for her ‘Spotlight’ series every week right here on UK Health Radio.

  • FullSizeRender-2
    Jennie Harrison

Jennie Harrison is The Sleep Deprived Mums Coach and works with Mums all over the world and children of all ages to get more sleep…the gentle way. Rather than work on sleep from a behavioural point of view, Jennie looks at the background of a child, along with sleep patterns, significant events and behaviours to identify the root cause of a sleep issue. By addressing sleep issues in this way, Jennie has been able to help hundreds of mums and children get more sleep without using any extinction techniques or uncomfortable parenting practices.

Whether you have a nap resister, bedtime fighter or multiple waker Jennie can help your child sleep better than ever before. No sleep training, no leaving your child to cry just easy to implement practical techniques and lots of support.

On the show Jennie will be sharing inside information on how to get your child sleeping, interviewing Guest Experts to help with every aspect of sleep and ex sleep deprived mums who share their experience and how they came out the other side, as well as product reviews to help your child sleep better than ever.


Twitter: @sleepymums



  • JessLewis
    Jess Lewis

The show is dedicated to exploring all areas of natural health, consciousness, plant medicines and many other topics for the Mind, Body and Soul.

Each week I will have a new guest who will be an expert in their chosen field, such as doctors and professors, or maybe everyday people that have healed themselves naturally of a dis-ease.

The show will be action packed only with the best guests.

My aim is to deliver information on a wide range of topics in such a way that everyone can understand, even if its a new topic that might not of been explored before. I want the listeners to be inspired and to learn the latest information on as many topics as possible, so we’ll bring top quality guests on the show to share their knowledge every week.

I was diagnosed with arthritis in my spine after being in constant, crippling pain 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I made a complete recovery naturally.


I want to show that anyone can make a change, most my guests have gone through intense challenges in life, but come out the other side.

If you want some motivation or inspiration, the latest in alternative health or even great tips to begin leading a healthier, longer life with more vitality or to expand your consciousness then tune intoKnowledge Nation…

Connect to me on social media:


Gathering of Minds site –

  • jquinn-jpeg
    John Guinn

John is a travel researcher based in Bedfordshire. As a profession John plans holidays for clients who want to know more than the brochure will share with them. He is also the author of the ‘Travel Researcher’s Guide’.

His goal is to ensure that travellers have not only ‘nearly been’ somewhere but to really experience the best of what their chosen destination has to offer them.

In each show John has guests that will share their knowledge on all aspects of travel, not just the destinations but how to hire a car, get good travel insurance or to use the internet to get a great deal.
The John Guinn Travel Show every week on UK Health Radio, checking it out before you check in!

When Joni Aldrich found out her 43-year-old husband had cancer, she had no idea her life was about to change forever, too—that she would become the full-time caregiver of a critically ill husband fighting for his life. What followed were two years of intense treatments, including three stem cell transplants 800 miles away from their home. Tragically, the cancer invaded Gordon’s brain, and caregiving entered an even more difficult phase: caring for a brain illness patient. After Gordon died, Joni realized there were many lessons that they had learned that would be invaluable if shared with readers through writing and audiences through speaking. She knew that being cancer novices had resulted in errors in decisions and treatments that could have cost Gordon months…if not years…of his life. The books she would later write were the ones that she wanted the day that Gordon was diagnosed, and in the last days of his life when he was diagnosed with metastatic brain cancer.

Several years later, Joni suffered yet another cancer blow. Her 83-year-old mother was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. As primary caregiver for an extremely ill cancer patient yet again, Joni was able to utilize her knowledge to give her mother peace in the final months of her life.

Joni’s personal mission includes six books full of practical strategies to survive cancer, caregiving, brain illness, and grief, including The Saving of Gordon: Lifelines to W-I-N Against Cancer; Connecting Through Compassion; Understanding With Compassion; and The Losing of Gordon: A Beacon Through the Storm Called “Grief” (available on Amazon, learn more at

  • Katharine Tate Image
    Katharine Tate

Katharine Tate presents, The Food Teacher on UK Health Radio. Katharine is a qualified teacher and award winning registered nutritional therapist, who combines her unique education and nutrition expertise to offer schools, organisations and families advice, education programmes, practical workshops, and individual/family clinical consultations.

Katharine has published the Award-winning ‘No Kitchen Cookery for Primary Schools’ and ‘Heat-Free & Healthy’. She launches her mini-book series in Autumn 2016 focusing on a number of different health related topics.

The Food Teacher on UK Health radio will focus on the importance of food to improve health and wellbeing by raising topical and relevant issues with leading experts from both the UK and abroad. From gluten intolerances, allergies, autism, hormones and autoimmunity, the power of food as medicine will be explored and debated.

If you have an interest in a particular topic or comments about the show please email:

For more information about The Food Teacher, visit her Facebook page, follow her on Twitter or instagram, visit her website and shop, subscribe to her newsletter or email her at

Intro music to The Food Teacher ‘Electric Sky’ generously provided by keen producer of electronic music and sax and piano player Michael Keefe (age 14). Additional music by Michael can be found at:

Kerry Secker is a paediatric sleep consultant and the founder of Kerry Cares Parenting; home of the Care It Out sleep approach. She is on a mission to share the care with parents that you don’t HAVE to sleep train and that you CAN improve your whole family’s sleep with an approach that is sensible, logical AND caring.

Kerry’s approach to sleep is that all families and children are unique and there isn’t a quick fix or one size fits all solution when it comes to children’s sleep; her mantra is one size sucks! She is also passionate about having realistic sleep expectations and that sleep doesn’t need fixing; issues are only an issue if they are one for your family!

Kerry, a former Nanny, has over 18 years’ experience supporting and advising families with sleep, often writes for the Huffington Post and runs her popular caring sleep sessions across the UK.

If you are a sleep seeker, experiencing the bed dread or have a night time sleep stealer Kerry can support you to improve your child’s sleep the caring way. There is always a biological reason and sleep science behind bedtime behaviour and always a caring way forward.

On the show Kerry will be sharing her sleep advice and guidance on how to support your child’s sleep, interviewing guest experts and reviewing sleep products to help bring sleep sustainability to your family.



Instagram: @kerrycaresparenting

Twitter: @careitout


  • kay
    Kirsty Ashton

Kay is a published author and has her own website where she supports people around the world.

Kay is from Manchester and she lives with a few health conditions, which affect her in different ways. She lives with Neurofibromatosis which is where tumours can grow on the nerve endings and Scoliosis which is curvature of the spine. Kay never lets this get in her way, and will overcome anything possible to achieve her dreams.

She was previously a regular guest on the Sam Walker show on BBC Radio Manchester, on this particular show she discussed her life living with Neurofibromatois and Scoliosis and felt it was important to get across even though she has a disability she still has a life and she would talk about all the fun things she has been getting up to as well as the serious stuff, such as operations and helping her grandma with dementia/Alzheimer’s.

She is extremely close to her Grandma Ronnie who has developed Alzheimer’s, and she is currently working on Doll Dementia therapy with her.

Over the years Kay has raised over £170k for ‘When You Wish Upon A Star’, helping those less fortunate than herself is truly important to her.

Every other week Kay will be interviewing different people from all around the UK and introducing you to elements of there life. The range of guest will vary from people living with different conditions, such as Scoliosis, Lupus and many more to people that have had there lives changed by someone with an illness or a service which has helped them.

You can connect with Kay on twitter @kirstysstory and she will be in contact with you directly.

If you are interested in appearing on her show and telling the world your top tips on living with a condition or want to help inspire the listeners then do get in touch.

  • photo 3

LadyXsize is one of the most dynamic fitness instructors and trainers today. She believes there are hundreds of fun activities out there – something for everyone, of every age, ability or level of fitness and wants to help you get off the sofa!

A decade of TV and Radio Presenting and producing on Capital Radio, Kiss 100, BBC London, Sky Movies with Steve Jones and BBC1’s Holiday programme came to an abrupt halt when she was diagnosed with a debilitating strain of Lupus. Immersing herself in fitness was the gateway to recovery and coincidently a new career in health.

She now holds many fitness certifications including REPS Fitness Instructor, Powerhoop Master Trainer, BodyPump, Zumba, Boxercise, FitSteps, Insanity. Her programmes and creative workouts are routinely filmed with a passion and flair to appeal to all shapes and sizes be it bootylicious mamas or triple A athletes! Her talents have been featured on Channel 5, (shocking facts about diet and exercise), ITV1, QVC as well as Fitness TV – she is currently presenting a programme on BBC Local radio. She has regularly commented on fitness issues in lifestyle media and is currently writing a fitness column for Hertfordshire Life. Her fitness appearances include starting Race for Life events for Cancer Research UK and Action Challenge and choreographed Powerhoop masterclasses for instructors.

  • Leaha Website Image
    Leaha Mattinson
Starting on the 28th February 2017

Leaha Mattinson is a change management specialist, coach, speaker, and author who “walks her talk” in a truly extraordinary way. In 2008 she learned she would someday inherit Huntington’s disease, a genetic, neurological, terminal illness that affects the brain and progressively shuts down the mind and body. It was a devastating diagnosis—yet Leaha realized that to be true to the message she shares with clients she must live her life consciously with enthusiasm, grace and gratitude.

Her mission is to share these valuable insights with others. As a life mastery coach, she guides her clients toward self-improvement by helping them resolve underlying fears, interrupt bad habits, and break through barriers to achieve their goals. She is also a speaker, addressing topics such as stress management, finding courage, discovering purpose, living in uncertainty, and facing terminal illness.

Leaha shares her own life story in her book “Silver Linings: The Essential Guide to Building Courage, Self-Respect and Wellness” and invites you along the path of healing with the companion workbook “The Silver Linings Course Correction Guide – Your Nurturing Journey Starts Now.”

Leaha Mattinson:
HowardCo-presenter Dr. Howard Rankin is a former psychologist now coach, speaker and writer with a reputation for taking scientific ideas and turning them into entertaining and engaging content that any reader can understand and use. He has run addiction and eating disorders units as well as his own center that integrated neuroscience into a psychotherapy practice.

He is an expert in the latest cognitive neuroscience research which shows how humans really think. Howard has written 10 self-development books in his own name and has co- or ghostwritten more than 20 others on neuroscience, business, spirituality and sports as well as writing memoirs. Howard has appeared on all the major TV networks including CNN, ABC’s 20/20 and The View as well as being featured in leading newspapers and magazines, you can find out more about his cognitive neuroscience expertise at and about his writing at

Howard Rankin:

  • Lee-Williams-235x235
    Lee Williams

Lee Williams started in Country Music as a singer back in the 60s/70s fronting various bands and touring Europe especially the US Military bases where his band would support many of the Country Greats who toured at that time including Johnny Cash, Merle Travis, The Glaser Brothers, Bobby Bare etc etc

In the mid 70’s Lee moved into agency and management, and his Django Promotions agency now has offices in the UK and Tennessee.
Lee co-founded CMR Nashville Radio with UK Health Radio’s John Hicks and the station has gone from strength to strength, with an extensive international listenership.

Lee Williams was honoured with the CMA International Broadcaster of the Year 2013 in a ceremony at Disneyland Paris and is the President of the British Country Music Awards.
In his weekly radio show produced for UK Health Radio, Lee showcases the very best in British Country music artists, upcoming and established, and brings us news of events and new releases.

  • Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 10.16.54
    Lorena Puica

Lorena Puica is the Founder CEO of iamYiam – the first global curated wellbeing platform bridging ancient wisdom and modern science. Up until founding iamYiam in July 2015 Lorena headed the multi-manager & small companies investment teams looking after £2bn of financial assets and driving the growth strategy and setting the commercial direction at Octopus Investments.

Over the past decade prior in her roles as Director of Strategy and Business development with Morningstar Investment Management, Lorena spearheaded the institutional business and product development across EMEA and as Management & Strategy Consultant, with BearingPoint Management Consulting, she contributed to the successful post-merger integration of global financial services institutions.

She published a book titled Microfinance – The Secret to Sustainable Growth. She holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. Lorena also holds the Global Executive MBA from London Business School and Columbia University in New York. She also holds two degrees – in finance and banking and in international management from universities in Romania and Germany and is a very passionate about expanding boundaries in the areas of natural health practices, extreme sports, ancient & modern philosophy & performance art.

Lorena has been a professional ballerina for 6 years, she was an aerobics trainer for 3 years, climbed Kilimanjaro in 3.5days, walked 861km in 19 days and the ran no less than 7 marathons on 7 continents in 10 days for an education focused charity.







  • MaureenSullivan
    Maureen Sullivan

Maureen Sullivan has worked for many years as a Registered Nurse, most of them in emergency and trauma services. She is a Certified Emergency Nurse, Certified Diabetes Educator, and the former manager of a hospital stroke program. Maureen’s wealth of knowledge, passion for nursing and education, and ability to engage people makes her an excellent teacher and a captivating lecturer. Recently, Maureen has been concentrating on writing, speaking and teaching, as well as working on her award-winning weekly podcast, “The Health and Humor Show.”

She was featured in the July 2012 issue of the National Diabetes Educational Program Partner Spotlight, and also in the November 2012 issue of magazine. She writes courses for Pedagogy, an online provider of continuing education classes for healthcare professionals, and is on staff at The Examiner, for whom she writes health stories for the Tampa Bay Area. She has had articles published in Nurse Week, EMS World, and Advance for Nurses. As a public speaker and educator, Maureen has done presentations for the American Heart Association, both at the corporate level and locally for the Tampa Bay Heart Walk. She has also done presentations or fundraisers for the American Cancer Society, Pinellas County Schools’ HEAT program, National Stroke Association, American Diabetes Association, Emergency Nurses Association, Gulfport Memorial Hospital, HCA Hospital System, Humana, and the Mississippi Department of Health.

Maureen recently published Never Again! From Horror to Humor, My Life as A Nurse, in which she relates some of the many stories she has accumulated during her career. The stories are funny, poignant, and often bizarre, and her Irish wit and “gift of gab” makes them all highly entertaining!

Twitter: @MaureenSRN

  • photo
    Mike Dilke

I have a wife and two young children at school. I enjoy going for the occasional ‘parkrun’ on a Saturday morning and once managed to drag myself around the London marathon. My business is Relaxback UK which supplies the Back App ergonomic chair and adjustable height desks. If you are in the UK and would like to try out a Back App chair please go to this section of my website and I will arrange everything for you –

Website –

Twitter handle – @relaxbackuk

Facebook –

  • NeilHaley
    Neil Haley

Guests and listeners alike love Talk Show Host Neil Haley’s energetic style! You can listen to his entertaining and informative interviews on radio stations seven days-a-week, every week, as well as terrestrial markets around the globe and a new show six times week on UK Health Radio.

Possessing the uncanny ability to make his guests relax and enjoy a good conversation, Neil introduces his audience to well-known authors, budding authors, celebrities, famous athletes, US Congressmen, TV reality show stars, movie stars, musicians, Olympic athletes, psychologists, psychiatrists, distinguished educators, and many more.

Every week, approximately two million listeners tune into The Total Radio Network in more than 180 countries.

Paul Rees – International Executive Business & Personal Coach, Radio Presenter, Author and Television and owner of Accolade Academy Emotional-Corporate-Training

Paul’s unique style of executive business, personal coaching and article writing has had recognition and made publication all over the world, influencing a change and understanding to the emotional intelligence and growth to the success of entrepreneurs, career minded individuals and the personal success for countless globally. Paul has coached many of the most successful recognised entrepreneurs internationally and believes success is common in us all, and carries the same potential for all. His proven Emotion-Ego-Thought-Action coaching programmes have been in practice for over ten years, with Paul personally coaching each and every client to success from: USA: Massachusetts, Philadelphia, Rochester, Ohio, Austin, Houston, Denver, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Virginia Beach, College Charleston- South Carolina. Canada: Calgary, Surrey, Penticton. Austria: Vienna

UK Office: 0844 844 4404

Mobile: 07403 787 454

Facebook name account: Paul Rees Accolade – address link:

Twitter name account: @AccoladeAcademy – address link:

LinkedIn name account: Accolade Academy – address link:

  • Radio Image
    Paul Wakefield

Paul Wakefield is the Founder & MD of The Wakefield Group Ltd. He’s on a mission to create a safe and secure future for 600 children in India.

October 26th 2008 despite Paul being out of work, on crutches, being on benefits for the first time in his life and only having £2.87 in his bank account, he decided to start a business from his tiny studio flat in Northumberland. Paul had NO customers, NO website and NO internet connection of his own. That same day thanks to an online webinar he sold 128 products and made just over £6,000 in profit. Paul has now built a small global business online. He has his own outsource centre in Delhi with 90 employees. He’s trained over 35,000 people from eleven different countries.

In 2012 Paul was named as Northumberland’s StartUp Local Business champion by national enterprise campaign StartUp Britain. He was also featured in the book called The laptop Millionaire due to his success as an internet marketer. In March 2013 he was listed as a top 100 marketer to follow on Twitter, he’s a recognised SageUK Business expert and has become a UK leader in Internet Marketing and Personal Development.

Despite Paul being a failed dyslexic engineer who only read his first book in 2006, Paul was offered a publishing contract in January 2014 and in May he published his first book which is called No Excuses No Limits. Within two weeks Paul’s book was in sale in 27 different countries. Paul now regularly gets booked as an Inspirational Speaker where he shares his stories, expertise and knowledge with others.

Paul has become a successful Online Business Coach and Personal Development Coach. He is the Founder of the Freedom Lifestyle Academy which is a trading name of The Wakefield Group Ltd. The Freedom Lifestyle Academy is an invite-only transformational academy that’s creating an extraordinary community of change makers and visionaries who are driven by epic ideas to impact the world. The FLA is attracting entrepreneurs, employees, leaders, innovators, visionaries and much more. Inside the academy Paul reveals priceless information you need to know to not only achieve business success on the internet, but to change the dynamics of your life forever! The academy is packed full of hidden insight into a new way of thinking and acting that will effectively and positively transform your business and your life with perpetual success!


Facebook fan page:




  • RobertScottBell
    Robert Scott Bell
The leading US health and wellbeing radio host

Robert is the leading US health and wellbeing radio host – and now shares his shows with UK Health Radio.

Six days a week Robert Scott Bell empowers his listeners with healing principles that can aid in physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, economic and, yes, even political healing!

Robert hosts the fastest two hours of healing information on radio, dealing with everyday health issues from the perspective of alternative/holistic health care. Robert Scott Bell tackles the tough issues and shows no fear when confronting government and corporate bullies who would stand in the way of health freedom.

You will be amazed by the amount of information about healing that is kept secret from you and what you can do to learn more about it! Robert Scott Bell is a homeopathic practitioner with a passion for health and healing unmatched by anybody on radio.

He personally overcame numerous chronic diseases using natural healing principles and has dedicated his life to revealing the healing power within all of us

  • Robin_PD
    Robin Daly
Founder and Chairman of the UK registered charity Yes to Life

The Yes to Life Show is presented by Robin Daly, Founder and Chairman of the UK registered charity Yes to Life. Robin set up Yes to Life more than a decade ago, following the experience of supporting his youngest daughter Bryony through cancer three times. The extraordinary difficulties he found that faced people in finding and obtaining the help they wanted, spurred him into creating a charity to make a difference to this tragic predicament.

Although very familiar with the territory, Robin is not a cancer specialist or any kind of health expert. In presenting the show, he is always looking for a ‘layman’s’ understanding of the complexities of cancer and the issues surrounding it that is accessible to all.

We love to hear from listeners – what you think of the show, what you would like to hear more of. Please email us at

Yes to Life
Unit 4, The Energy Centre, Bowling Green Walk, London N1 6AL
Telephone: 020 3222 0587
Company No: 05495576 Registered Office: as above Registered Charity No: 1112812

Intro music to the Yes to Life Show generously provided by composer and guitarist Clive Carroll:
‘Black Nile’ from the album ‘The Red Guitar’ by Clive Carroll CCO11104

Born in England, Russell James at the age of 28 in 2004, went to Koh Samui, Thailand, to do a fast to clear up his skin problem where he discovered raw food.

Excited by the vibrancy, creativity and health benefits of raw foods Russell James aka The Raw Chef now reaches thousands of people worldwide teaching organic raw foods and plant-based recipes via online courses.

Today, Russell continues to inspire others on how to easily integrate organic raw and plant based foods into their daily lives.


Russell’s social media channels and website URL

  • SamBearfoot
    Sam Bearfoot

Sam Bearfoot is a leading Digestive Wellness Expert and Kinesiologist. After spending a number of years suffering from a vast array of illness and discomfort, Sam discovered Kinesiology. More than 10 years on she has since trained in this therapy, founded Body Sync in 2010 and is now better known as The Digestion Detective.

Sam has literally helped hundreds of people with their health issues and continues to do so using various natural and alternative means. She’s also a keen health writer and regularly contributes to various publications which have recently included Health & Fitness magazine, Daily Mirror, Prima, Cosmopolitan and Women in Trade. or
Follow Sam on @bodysync or @digestiondetect

  • StellaKazazis
    Stella Kazazis

Stella Kazazis is a registered reflexologist who qualified in 2004 at the “International Academy of Reflexology & Meridian Therapy” under Inge Dougans. She has ran her private practice since then, in addition to lecturing Year 1 & Year 2 at the above academy for the last 4 years. Stella has also published & co-authored a book called “Healthy Kids Guide” in 2010, and is on the panel of experts on since 2008. In 2012 Stella has started her own blog which she shares with

Follow Stella on Twitter:     @healthykids25

  • Stewart-2
    Stewart St Clair Pearce

Stewart has worked in Advertising and Marketing all his life. For agencies Like Saatchi and Saatchi, BBDO, Grey Worldwide and many multinational clients. He has also had radio shows on LBC, Capitol, BBC 5 counties and been involved with CBC and CNN internationally. He had a pontine haemorrhage on 9 may 2015(stroke and was in a coma for 3 months). He is now determined to recover and help others to recover too.


9ed59ead9c4c6ec4696ddace7b963a0aGuest Presenter – Linda Steele

Linda is a qualified fitness and training expert, who also provides health and wellness advice as well as food/eating consultation. She was diagnosed with osteoporosis and took a decision to change everything about her life. Twelve years later she is a highly successful, owner of 2 gyms and a wide client base including many people who have suffered serious illness …

Extremely popular in her home state of Illinois she will be sharing her knowhow and delicious Stroke Snacks each week on TheWayForward. A little bit keen on shoes, Linda wants to introduce her style to the UK. We’re delighted to have her with us every second week on TheWayForward.


Professional Model:                FB Linda Steele

Certified Fitness Trainer:      TW lindasteelehot1

Gym Owner:                              IG lindasteelehotbod

  • Vince The Vet - 300dpi - 27-03-15
    Vince MacNally

Vince MacNally – BVSc VetMFHom MRCVS

Holistic Veterinary Surgeon

I grew up surrounded by animals, and it was the tragic death of a much loved feline friend during childhood that inspired me to become a Vet.

This desire never wavered and in 1983 I graduated as a Vet from Liverpool University and went to work for the PDSA in Manchester, where I gained invaluable clinical experience treating a wide range of conditions in many different types of pet. I also developed a passion for orthopaedic surgery. Several months before I was due to sit the Certificate of Veterinary Orthopaedics examinations, the opportunity to buy a practice of my own arose. Too good an opportunity to miss, I moved to Stockport in 1987, and established The Albany Veterinary Clinic. Over the next 14 years the clinic grew to become a centre of excellence, where pets received the very best treatment available, with the utmost kindness and care.

From the mid nineties onwards, my interest in natural remedies, therapies and supplements grew, as I became increasingly frustrated by the inability of a conventional veterinary approach to help many of the animals under my care. Never one to quit, or simply accept the status quo, I was spurred on to find alternatives that could.

This burning desire to alleviate suffering and restore health as gently and as naturally as possible, no matter how ill a pet might be, coupled with a belief that the body is capable of extraordinary things with the right support, led me to study homeopathy along with a wide range of other therapies both in the UK and abroad.

In 1998 I gained the VetMFHom homeopathy qualification, after studying at the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital, the London School of Homeopathy and with the Oxford Homeopathic Physicians Teaching Group for 3 years.

Nutritional therapy using natural supplements, in combination with homeopathy, became the cornerstone for the holistic treatment of pets, but acupuncture, herbal remedies and energy therapies played their part too. By 1999 I was treating the great majority of the animals I was seeing – many of which were referrals – with complementary medicine and therapies alone. Notable successes and the results of clinical trials were published in the Veterinary Times, Positive Health Magazine and local newspapers.

By 2001 I was treating an increasing number of people as well as animals, and so left Stockport to establish a complementary therapy centre in Hampshire. When my Mum’s health began to deteriorate in 2007, I sold everything, took a career break and cared for Mum full time, until she passed over in 2011.

On my return to Holistic practice following the death of my Mum, I felt a renewed desire to share what I knew of the powerful healing properties of natural, nutritional supplements with a wider audience, and to make such products more readily available to pet owners.

This led to the launch 12 months ago, of the unique, integrated range of clinically proven Vince The Vet® natural nutritional therapy products, which consistently promote health in specific areas of pets lives – often in quite remarkable ways.

The recent launch of our pure, natural, additive-free RAW meat and bone food for dogs and cats, means that we now offer a complete holistic health care solution for pets.

Our shows on UK Health will explore a wide range of health topics, which reflect the current concerns of pet owners.


Vince The Vet®

Nutritional Therapy For Pets and Pure, Natural, Additive-Free RAW Meat and Bone Food For Dogs and Cats




  • Yara Ghrewati
    Yara Ghrewati
Survival and Bushcraft instructor

Yara is a Survival and Bushcraft instructor who spent time living in the jungles of South East Asia with remote tribal communities, she also spent time studying plant medicine in the Amazon rainforest.

It is in the rain forest where Yara discovered our true connection to nature and where she became fascinated with indigenous knowledge of rain forest survival and medicinal plants. Yara has always had a strong interest in natural healing and has worked within the field advising others on various natural healing therapies. She is a Reiki practitioner, an Indian Head Massage Therapist, dance instructor and enjoys Yoga, crystal healing and playing the Didgeridoo.

Yara is also a photographer/videographer, motivational speaker, researcher and is involved in environmental & human rights campaigning. She has a passion for writing, media production, travelling and firmly believes in the power of positive thinking. She seeks adventure, enjoys spending time in nature and connecting with people from all walks of life.

The Natural Healing show invites listeners to discover the world of natural living and healing shared by the knowledge of different therapists, yogis, healers, professionals, teachers & indigenous cultures from around the world.

Exploring various therapies, nature, indigenous wisdom, conservation, environment, sustainability, organic living, herbal medicine, plant healing, nutrition, herbal medicine/remedies, holistic practices, life-style advice, global consciousness, positive affirmations and physical & mental health care.
Although ‘Natural Healing’ methods are today viewed as “Alternative” they have indeed been around for thousands of years and have been used by many different cultures around the world.

Indigenous cultures living in natural environments are often perceived as the ‘guardians’ of the worlds last remaining natural ecosystems. They carry immense knowledge and have spent centuries adopting valuable education on environment, plant healing, sustainability & biodiversity, which has been passed down through word of mouth to younger generations by their ancestors.

Yara is especially keen in exploring indigenous cultural wisdom of natural healing, conservation, ecosystems & sustainable living from the knowledge of professionals & various tribal cultures from around the world.

The Natural Healing Show was created as platform to get voices heard, spread awareness on natural healing and to assist in bridging the gap between western technology & indigenous cultural knowledge.

Natural Healing Show Website

Yara’s Websites:
Photography Website
Motivational Speaking
Survival Training

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